IBM Thinkpad T43 - no sound

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Oct 14, 2008
  1. Hi I am facing the following strange problem. Please let me know what am doing wrong.

    On board speakers not working suddenly( was working fine a day back).
    Did a mute(using the button in the keyboard) and then tried unmuting but no sound.
    However my microphones are working.My friends can hear me in yahoo/gtalk.

    Steps Tried already:-
    1)Checked for mute in volume controls.Not muted.
    2) Tried "Test Hardware" in laptop. I can see the green light working fine(it goes up and down) in playback but again no sound that I can hear.
    3) Checked for drivers of sound and audio.No errors(no yelllo). The device(Sound Max Audio) is enabled and it says working fine.
    4) Tried "System Restore" to 2 days before but again no sound.
    5) Tried using headphones no sound again.

    What could be the problem?Any ideas. I will update this thread with some more info if i do any..In the meanwhile if anyone can help me it would be great.
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  3. subanesh

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    I tried reinstalling the drivers but it didnt help either. My office IT guy fixed this and when I enquired this was the answer that I got. He says there is a peculiar problem with T43 which goes like this "When the speaker and mic are set at some particular volume levels then they start to interfere with each other and so the problem occurs.Also he said some file gets corrupted and he has cleared the corruption also" ...Am not sure what he means by this or whether this makes sense but nevertheless he resolved the problem...Let me know if you find this satisfying :)
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    I think he has reduced the volume all the way to minimum (or zero) then increased the volume again (I heard this was a strange fix, on some systems)

    Is that what he did?

    Anyway it's fixed :)

    Thanks for the update :grinthumb
  5. autmag

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    I have a fix to your problem.

    I have the same issues. I just got this laptop and the sound wasnt working. The drivers where installed for soundmax and said everything was working fine. Well nothing was working.. The same things worked for me as you. It looked like it was pushing sound out but nothing was comming from the speakers or thro the sound jack. So I started playing around with it and downloaded the realtek ac97 drivers and installed them. Still nothing. Well then I went to the sound icon in control pannel and opened it. Clicked on the button to check the windows sound. Hrmm still nothing coming. Then Vula!!! I tryed the simplest thing. I tryed to use the mute and sound control on the laptop keyboard. BOOM!!! I had sound!!!... lol..
    Long story short the volume control on the keyboard over runs windows. It dosent use the windows sound mixer but its own lil program. SOOO try to hit the mute button got sound yet? if not try turning the sound all the way up using the button. And if thats not working then hit the mute buton again for you just muted it a second ago!!!! Hope this simple peice of info helped. I know I spend 3 hours working on this... Oh ya btw. if you get a bad buzzing sound use the ac97 drivers and turn off the mic controls. Gl need more help just email me. christophe_larson at yahoo. enjoy :p

    P.S. I felt dumb when I figured this all out because when muted it dosent show the volume control muted. So never woulda thought of this if it wasnt 12 at night lol.
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