By BlackScarlet
Aug 28, 2008
  1. I have often a huge list in my processes and port connections of svchost.exe

    Sometimes it takes up much bandwidth or memory or cpu usage. The problem with terminating them is I don't know what they are. Is there a way to identify the process associated with each instance of svchost, and the port connections they are making?
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    If you want to know what is really running under SVCHOST.EXE, go to a command prompt and run:

    tasklist /svc

    Checking in Task Manager in Vista

    You can right-click on a particular svchost.exe process, and then choose the "Go to Service" option.

    (Xp & Vista)
    You can use the excellent Process Explorer utility from Microsoft/Sysinternals to see what services are running as a part of a svchost.exe process.

    You can also go to Start-> Run-> services.msc
    And check out all the services running
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    Bottom line is that you waste a lot of time battling SvcHost issues. If you have more than 512 MB of memory, you have enough to deal with any SvcHost issues. Most users waste a lot of time in the battle for very little effect. You need it to run Windows XP or VISTA effectively.

    First thing you do is look for a cause of specific problems, then determine if SVCHOST has become one of the problems.

    Then look at how much time you have at the computer to battle things that are normal to most people.
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