IE and Facebook

By Gogi28
Jan 21, 2009
  1. Hi

    I came across the following problem in using Facebook with IE 7:

    the action buttons in facebook don't function (confirms, ignores, oks, etc).

    My IE 7 setup is as follows: Internet Zone - High Security, Trusted SItes - Medium-High. Both facebook domains ( and belong to trusted sites). This means that these domains are allowed for active scripting.

    However, unless I reduce the security settings for Internet Zone to Medium-High or below, none of the action buttons works. What could go wrong? Does facebook use another domain besides for its content? Appreciate your help very much!

    Funny enough Mozilla with scripting allowed for and works OK...
  2. kuksoolkid

    kuksoolkid TS Rookie

    IE always has problems no matter what... So i sugest that you get Mozilla or Opera and stop using IE and then you wont have these problems
  3. martine737

    martine737 TS Rookie

    I agree with kuksoolkid - Personally I use Mozilla Firefox, it has a lot more functionality, add-ons and more frequent bug/security updates.
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