IE not working after a short period of Time. When still connected

By simon55655
Jun 7, 2005
  1. I have had Microsoft UK, work on this and still not solve it.
    When I connect to the Internet by broadband you can see packets sent & received, however after a very short time 5-10mins, the page you are viewing locks up with the status bar showing half! & The page changes to cannot be displayed.
    Frequency, every time I use it.

    Everything else works very well I am running a top end Dell Dimension and have tried every spy ware program, the latest from Microsoft for worms etc, running XP home and Norton Professional and have tried Hijack this with Microsoft.

    Still nothing makes this STOP!

    Might be linked to a legacy Zone Alarm routine not uninstalled when their program run. VMON.exe. Any Ideas???
    Can any one help????? :hotbounce
  2. simon55655

    simon55655 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Well ITS FIXED. Good old ZONE Alarm!!! When uninstalled it did NOT remove all the files. So I have had to reinstall and guess what? It works fine now. You will not believe the pain this has caused me. Thanks to a CiSCI Net Work friend. The Vodka is on the way..!!!!

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