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Sep 13, 2008
  1. Hi, My Internet Explorer has gotten so slow opening pages that sometimes it literally take three or four minutes. It's like I'm using dial-up again. I followed the directions at the top of this thread and I'm at the point where I need to run CClean but I'm concerned about wiping out programs I use. Under the Applications tab it's listing about a dozen programs that I use and I don't know if it's going to just check those for problems or just delete them. I would appreciate some advice before I hit the Run Clean button. Thanks for any help.

    Attached is the results of my Bit Defender virus scan. It said it found 2 infected patch files but could not find them in their virus database so they might be false positives.
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    CClean usage: use the analyze function. If you are OK with its finding, run the cclean function to delete files. Use checkmarks incrementally to observe the span of control for each checkmark.

    I tend to agree with you that BitDefender found false positives.

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    What the Application control will not delete your applications. It merely list the browser that you are using and what parts of the cache you wanna clean. The purpose of this is to give you control over what is deleted.
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    the default settings on CCleaner are completely safe.

    Also use another browser like Firefox. IE has become worthless and it is extremely slow - even with minimal settings. I have downloaded IE8 beta to see if M$ has fixed the slow issues, but there doesn't appear to be much difference.
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    Is this necessary?
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    It appears that I owe Tworld a major apology, I mistakenly thought that he was the author of this thread.
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    You need to spend your time doing something better than analyzing my posts. What is it with you? It is pointless to refer to Microsoft as "M$", as nothing is gained from. What exactly does it prove? Isn't it the aim of any company to achieve the utmost in whatever they take part in. Have you forgotten that this is a capitalist country? Why are you hating on people for doing what the market is designed for them to do? Please stop making something out of nothing.
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    Well here goes. I got past my fear by doing a disk clone before starting any of this, so if anything goes wrong I can get back to where I started.
    When I got to the SuperAntiSpy the computer crashed when I rebooted but then started OK on the second try.
    Ran into real trouble with Java. The latest version will not install because the Windows Installer fails every time with a 1101 error. I installed the latest Windows Installer but it made no difference. Tried every solution on the Java site, still no go. Latest version that would install is 6.6.
    Attached are all the logs. I hope someone can make heads or tails of it.
    Also, I'm using IE 6 and there's no way I will upgrade to 7.
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    I posted a retraction above because I thought you authored this thread, I was mistaken and I apologize. But, for that only.

    Have you ever heard of "robber barons". Behind every great fortune, it is sometimes claimed, there is a great crime. Underpaid workers, shoddy workmanship, substandard materials, and my special favorite, smaller businesses forced out of the marketplace by large greedy corporations.

    Microsofts business practices are suspect not only in the USA, but the EU as well are there is probably anti-trust litigation pending somewhere in the world.
    It might be nice to paraphrase the old saw about the British Empire, sic, "the sun never sets on an M$ lawsuit". Oh dear, I used "M$" again. Well that's just inconsiderate isn't it?

    ???? Why, if you don't mind my asking?

    With all the troubles you're listing it almost seems as though it's time for a repair install of Windows itself. I know that's probably a cop out. But with Java not installing and broken installers, it is a recourse.

    Do you have FF installed and does it work "correctly"? I ask this since it certainly would help in a process of elimination type diagnosis.
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    Because I am a creature of habit. I am very used to the way 6 works and it is very efficient for the way I use it. 7 is too much like Firefox. I hate the tabs, and keeping bookmarks/Favorites organized is ackward and difficult for me to use. Also, I don't like WGA integration into 7 as I don't trust Microsoft. I like to keep as disconnected from them as possible.
    I use a lot of different software for many different projects that is custom configured for my efficient use. Reinstalling and reconfiguring everything would literally take weeks or even months. I would only tackle that project as a last resort.
    Yes FF seems to work OK. Also, IE seems to be running faster now, after doing all that cleaning with the recommented steps leading up to the HighJack report.
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    I share your disdain in embracing M$. Sadly WGA is a fact of life, M$ downloads it pretty much without your consent and then has the iron to call it "a security update". Everytime I broach this subject, some ***** accuses me of having pirated copies of Windows. Nothing could be further from the truth, but I do seem to have problems with invasion of privacy and corporate abuse of authority.

    I don't know what your problems with tabbed browsing and bookmarks could be with FF, since natively, they're FF's chief selling points. I've had a "Yahoo-Verizonized" version of IE6 that had tabbed browsing for years now, and I can't imagine getting by without it. To each his own I suppose.

    Since my email account is with Verizon, I'm using IE7 at the moment, staring at a bunch of flash ad BS, longing for FF's noscript. I only use this browser to reply quickly, since it doesn't remove the cookies when it's shut down, and thus I don't have to enter a password/user name. Not a big deal though, I'd rather type in my user name & password everytime, than have a bunch of tracking cookies onboard.

    Still in all, I don't go surfing the web the web with IE 6 or 7, I use FF2. I understand your reluctance to change browsers, I had FF3 for a day and restalled FF2. FF3 didn't allow me to use the themes I enjoy most, and FF2 with No Script is plenty secure enough for my needs.

    BTW, a repair install of Windows wouldn't require you to reinstall your software, only a "clean install" would. But don't take my word for that, ask around.
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    Yes, I found an article on how MS is secretly tracking everything you do on your computer and storing it in obscure system files. They had six pages of files you should delete if you want to eliminate these files. I never got around to doing it and I wish I could remember where I found it. If I do find it I'll pass it on to you.
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