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Sep 2, 2008
  1. So I was reading on the internet about how Google just released "Chrome" which is their new browser which they want to compete with Microsoft's IE 8. In the past Google has supported Firefox in trying to compete with Internet explorer. But my question to all of you is what do you use IE or Firefox and are you going to switch to Chrome?

    I am curious to see the results seeings how I have a feeling the larger majority of actual computer professionals or high tech people probably use an alternative to IE such as Firefox or opera. Thanks for your input!
  2. kimsland

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  3. raybay

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    I prefer Firefox myself. Google Chrome was withdrawn this morning soon after the downloads were allowed.
    Nothing wrong with IE 6, IE7, or IE 8 except that there are more infestations and invasions that I care to bother with.
  4. kimsland

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    Of course just about everyone uses IE, and IE8 looks a lot better (already downloaded Beta and tested it.

    But I'm not going there again :blackeye:
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    You act like just because the large majority of the market uses IE that its automatically better but from my experience that is rarely ever true. For example Norton its the majority and yet its far from the best solution out there.

    But I must say to all is their own use what you prefer.

    Kimsland give me 5 reasons other than its the most popluar browser that IE is the best?
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    I'm going to double post this because I think this is a more appropriate thread:
  7. kimsland

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    I have a better way of answering that.

    When the thousands of Members join TechSpot and state somewhere along the way (sometimes at the beginning) that they are using Internet Explorer.
    NO ONE says get Firefox. Either at the Beginning, In the Middle, Or at the end.

    Well, why is that? According to you and others, Firefox is much much better.
    We should all inform them of this mistake they're making!! But "no one" does.
    I'll tell you why, and it's not because we shouldn't place our own personal preferences on them (just in case!)
    It's because IE works perfectly. It does not have one fault. It works on ALL sites even in its default install (except for Java and ActiveX downloads) It's perfect on its own. It can be used to download Windows Updates manually (default again) and every site ever created allows Internet Explorer to view the web page. (including driver update sites, that sometimes say ONLY Internet Explorer)

    YET (now here's the problem!)

    When a User/Member has Firefox installed (noted in the Posts somewhere)
    One of the first things that support say, is "Does Internet Explorer work?"
    Are the support people mad, to suggest such a thing (knowing IE is bad) ?!!
    No, not mad. Because the idea is, if IE works then it must be Firefox that is faulty.

    BUT, hangon; no one suggested that for the Internet Explorer fault???
    No one said, try opening Firefox (or download it, on the computer they are presently on).
    All they did was repair the fault (usually Spyware in Windows, or something)

    So what's this double standard, that no one wants to admit ?
    Why are all these support people who say Firefox is better ( :) ) Not informing these ignorant Users/Members?
    Here's why.
    Firefox is a third party application. That is not required for the normal operation of Windows. Whereas, at some stage Internet Explorer must be used.

    If you don't like MS (another Double Standard) then don't use Windows
    Now I know that Windows Notepad and Windows Picture Viewer, and lots of other default MS products, including IE may not have all the extras of other third party programs. But if the user just wants to use Office (another MS wonder) and browse the Net, then all they need is what came with Windows (and install MS Office if they want the best too)

    MS make all sorts of Programs, they are without doubt the biggest company in the world (I haven't looked that up, but they must be in the top 10 somewhere at least)
    Mozilla Firefox, just make a browser (and a Mail client)! I've never contacted them for support on Windows. Yet IE users only need to go to one place even if they run Internet Explorer (of which MS will inform them to do, ie see above)

    I was turned off by Mozilla, when it first came out. It has pogressively become much better and more accepted. I use it with my Linux boot CDs (IE was not allowed to be used by the way) But if I'm using Windows, then IE wins, as the majority of the world agree, with me :p

    Internet Explorer: Get It Now
    Hey I just asked the kids what they use at school, and they said Internet Explorer !
    My My, even the intellectuals use it. You better get on the phone and tell them how bad they are straight away!
    Your children are using Internet Explorer in school, I tell you :haha:
  8. Bobbye

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    kimsland, I do not agree with you on IE, but I respect your right to think as you do.

    Some points:
    Most people who use Windows used IE because MS bundles it with the OS- no choice there.
    It is well know that the idea of change is unacceptable to some- example> how many people stayed with AOL as it went further and further download- because they were afraid to change!

    Unlike some, although I am a Firefox user, I do not try to solve a problem with IE by telling someone to get Firefox. Others do and I believe that is wrong. A suggestion that the user might enjoy benefits found in Firefox wouldn't be out of line, but NOT as a fix for IE.

    But not for a second will I ever accept the statement that "IE works perfectly" and I can' believe you would say that IE doesn't have one fault! How many vulnerabilities has Microsoft sent patches for!

    It is only in the more recent times that users are realizing they have a choice in which browser to use and just because MS bundled IE in the OS, does NOT mean they are chained to it! Same for OE. I use that program because it's all I need, but if I needed a more fully robust program, I would get it.

    I think users need to get out of the Microsoft mold. It has been beaten into us. Look how many people get automatic Windows Updates, giving control of their system over to Microsoft. Yes, we use Windows- it's difficult not to since it is a global program and sent out on almost all systems,

    Choice is good. Informed choice is better. Giving that up is giving up our control over the system. I do not advocate that.
  9. captaincranky

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    Internet Explorer, Yeah Right......

    IE-7 is a wretched, slow moving affair, with the stupidest arrangement of forward and back buttons on opposite sides of the page, and it's ugly to boot. Without throwing a plug to another browser, I can say with great conviction that I avoid it whenever possible!

    Well, unless I feel the overwhelming desire to download some Active X based spyware, then it's the best browser for the job.
  10. tw0rld

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    I use both browsers, and both are good. We can't deny that Firefox for the time being is perceived to be a lot safer . I say for the time being because we will see more of the vulnerabilities of Firefox being exposed as more users starts using it. This is the case with internet explorer and windows. We always here the rhetoric of Linux OS's and Mac being safer. These operating system are only deemed safer or less vulnerable because they have a very small share in the market compare to windows; thus attackers find it to be more profitable to attack windows as it is a more widely used OS. The same is true for IE. The greater the usage of a particular software the more likely that it'll be the target of many cyber-criminals.

    With the above said, we can conclude that it is not that IE is more vulnerable or less safe. The fact is it. The Browser is the most popular thus the most understood, the most studied; thus it is the most exploited. The same is true for Windows. Firefox, The Linux OS's, and Mac are good softwares, but they benefit from being runners-up the Microsoft's products as their vulnerabilities are over looked because the payoff for a prospective hacker is not worth the trouble. Believe this if any of the Non-Microsoft products mentioned should ever become more popular or widely used we wouldn't think that they are so safe, and that's the truth.

    I conclude with these questions; Why are people hating on Microsoft? What is wrong with vista that it should be treated like the scorn of the IT world? My answer people are haters.

    Stop hating on Microsoft.
  11. captaincranky

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    To use the verb "hating" in that context really would require a couple of other verbs. IE (pun intented) "Why have people been hating M$ for so long? Or similar.

    IE allows every annoyance that the advertising community has been able to concoct. Firefox has been around for years, so if it's safer, it's been worked on to make it so.
    If FF has a smaller segment of the market and that's why it's a better, safer browser, then by all means, sell IE to as many people as you can, and Firefox users such as myself will have the safety and peace and quiet I think we're entitled to.

    Vista and IE forever...! (For you).

    BTW people love to hate monopolies, I think it's because of the way they do business.

    Oh, also you might want to rethink all the red letter BS, it's annoying.
  12. tw0rld

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    1. Do you actually think that there is or ever will be an impervious or impenetrable OS or web browser? The fact is there are always gonna be loop holes. it is impossible to plan for every attack or block every electronic solicitations, as technology evolces and new hacks are discovered with every passing day. Anti-virus Co. can testify to that.

    2. If FF continues to grow at the rate that it currently is; then based on my arguments this would spell trouble for Users of the software, thus spoiling it for you and others who depend on the "safety" of a "below radar" browser.

    3. Forget about Microsoft the monopoly. Acknowledge the co. for what it is, and that is the greatest software manufacturer ever known to man. Where would computing be without Microsoft?

    Microsoft is the standard bearer of the industry. The minnows and their supporters hate them for it because they cannot keep up.

  13. kimsland

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    Thank God for tw0rld :)
    As I have been warned before about debating IE over Firefox (on TechSpot), so I felt this thread would trottle along with the IE haters, drowning out my IE argument.
    I suspect tw0rld is older and understands this debate in its beginning, many years ago. Note: IE won then too :)

    It should be noted that it is personal choice, and that this is not the argument here.
    (Just a defensive throw in there!)
  14. captaincranky

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    First of all, I'm sixty. Second of all, thank god for anybody that agrees with you, always a self serving solid policy.

    These type of threads are always started for the purpose of starting an argument, nothing more. So, skip the innocent routine. I have an entirely different take on twOrld who I suspect is a M$ employee wannabe or just some other run of the mill troll.

    BTW admiring someone because they happen to agree with you is self serving and shallow, even by computer forum standards.

    Also kimsland, skip the "and the poor member didn't get the help he or she needed sob story", since as I pointed out earlier, there was no problem, just an excuse for "forensic debate", that would have more to your liking if everyone agreed with you. Quit crying about that too,
  15. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523


    I have nothing else to add ! (anyway, how could I, reply to that :) ) lol

    Oh and I don't post nothing posts, just for volume.

    oops :blush:

    Ha, I need more support :)
  16. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,016   +2,538

    The Wrath of Cranky.....

    I both hope and suspect that even should I reach 10,000 posts, I will still have the title "Techspot Maniac", I'm happy with that, and I feel I have found my niche!
  17. tw0rld

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    Hey. I am just being reasonable. I provided an objective argument, not one that aims at sullying the competence of Microsoft. I respect those other Companies also, but I am just tired of seeing these people knocking Microsoft just because they are successful. Microsoft is very important to the industry, thus we need it to be around until it has ran its full course.
    Steve jobs himself have made it clear that Apple are needs Microsft:

    BTW I have no aspirations of working for Microsoft. tw0rld remember the name. I'll reveal the meaning at a later date.
  18. gtppopzz

    gtppopzz TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    Hey I in no way started this thread to create some crazy Microsoft bashing shoot I love Microsoft for the sheer fact that I have a job because of them how could I ever hate on them for that?

    I was simply asking a question based on the release of "Chrome" which was specifically created to compete with Microsoft's large share of the browser market. I use both IE and Firefox granted usually if I have a choice I use Firefox for the simple reason I know it better and have used it ever since tabs were standard.

    I am not an anti Microsoft guy I use it on almost all my computers and I have no major issues with Vista other than it crashed twice and had to re-install with in two weeks but now that I have it running better it seems ok.

    I love how you all get on here and start attacking back like we are all saying your wrong and were right kimsland when I asked you to give 5 reasons I really wanted your 5 reasons its better I wasn't attacking you or calling you anything I wanted the reasons plain and simple for my own knowledge.

    I realize I don't have 5k posts but I do know a thing or two about the IT field and how things work and don't work so don't go off telling me your 60 and so you know better. In fact that's all together wrong Microsoft is still for the most part in its infant stages so your age has no significance on computer software in general. What is used today has nothing to do with what was used even 20 years ago. I love it how you act like I just started working with computers two years ago thus I must be a Microsoft hater/basher.
  19. captaincranky

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    Interestingly Enough.....

    While I'm sure you didn't start thread to bring all the M$ bashers out of the woodwork it seems to have had that effect.

    That's a slam dunk since anybody that doesn't like or use IE is perceived by you as a M$ basher

    Exxon sells most of the oil.

    Verizon and Comcast have most of the internet business.

    The Internal Revenue Service collects all federal income tax for the United States.

    None of the foregoing institutions have any need whatsoever for you as a champion of their causes, and quite frankly neither does M$.
  20. gtppopzz

    gtppopzz TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    That made no sense at all but whatever dude doesn't really matter to me anyway I have better things to do then quibble back and fourth about who's right and who's wrong I wanted honest input on if people would switch to Chrome but since the subject has turned might as well delete the thread.
  21. Bobbye

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    Then perhaps your subject should have been "IE vs Chrome", not Firefox. You changed the entire meaning of your inquiry with your subject wording.

    As for the ongoing discussion, users get very passionate about what they believe in the most. It is not usual for 'heated' discussions to arise when a "debate" like yours is thrown out! And of course, we're all right!
  22. Richardw9

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    A word to all you enlightened

    Do not tell these foolish people about the wonders of firefox, remember the number one rule in this world of war "knowledge is power, hide it well"

    Thank you're luck stars there are people out there who hate to learn, there wasn't where would we be in this world?

    Dumb people pave the way for the clever.

    Now i feel i aught to post my opinions since i know that it will change no ones mind

    Fire fox is:

    More user friendly
    Gives you a unbeatable tabbed browsing system
    Is pretty much fully customizable
    easily upgraded, with automatic updates for addons
    Better search bar (in my opinion)
    Faster (but only minorly)
    Has a side bar, which if you are truly desperate you can switch the rendering engine to IE
    You don't get any stupid tool bars on it from downloading things

    Oh and did i mention that i am a appalling speller but Firefox has an a spell check feature that keeps my spelling exquisite
  23. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    What's the rush.
    There are already a few problems with Chrome. You know Microsoft is going to do everything they can to slow down Chrome, as they should have done with Firefox.
    Why not wait until they have it stabilized through hundreds of thousands of users, then see what people have to say.
    Chrome will be good because Google is so very good in their software issuances, but I don't see any need to rush.
  24. Bobbye

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    Nicely put Richard- an excellent preface to the Goodness of Firefox.
  25. SNGX1275

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    Opera has all of those except the rendering in IE (but isn't that an extension?). And I think.. that Opera 9.5 is faster than FF3.

    Chrome has spell checking. You can add it to Opera.
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