Im wondering if anyone can help me remember a game

By wonrei
Feb 16, 2010
  1. Just like the title says I'm wondering if anyone can help me remember a game from when i was a kid, its really bugging me and google doesn't help at all.
    It was an old rts game where you are a shogun(i believe it was a shogun), and you were in an anchient japanese setting, you're goal was to use your army and invade the other castle and pretty much just kill everyone. You could flank them with cavilry and use archers and stuff but i do remember it had one fixed camera angle that was from the top, like a birds eye view. If it helps at all I remember you could pick different generals for your army that would give you different units and the cavilry would kick ***. The other strange thing i can remember was that next to each general's picture was a symbol of what troop they had, like a silver horse or a golden bow or something like that and the golden horses were the best.
    Thanks to anyone who can try to help me out on what this was. If noone else remembers then thanks for trying anyways. :3
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    First thing that came to mind was Total War Shogun. Not sure if that's it as it doesn't fit everything you've said but comes pretty close. Hope that helps!
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