Images of LG V30 leaked via HitRecord video submissions

By midian182
Aug 8, 2017
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  1. We know that LG’s upcoming V30 phone will be unveiled on August 31 at IFA in Berlin. We also know it will feature a curved OLED screen that’s “ideal for VR.” Now, thanks to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s online collaborative production company HitRecord, we’ve had our first (low quality) look at the device.

    LG has partnered with the actor’s organization over the years to promote its flagships handsets. In 2015, fans and Gordon-Levitt himself made a video shot entirely on the V10, and the company reunited with the star a year later for the V20.

    The pair will be joining forces again for the V30. In a series of submissions for a contest that ended on July 31 but went live today, two now-deleted videos showed the unreleased handset. It's unknown whether the leak was intentional, but it does seems likely. Either way, the clips in question, which came from users RandyAzarga and Mcgannfamily, have now been deleted from HitRecord.

    The V30 comes with many of the G6’s features, such as the18:9 aspect ratio and 2880 x 1440 resolution. It has a 6-inch POLED display, dual camera setup, and rear fingerprint sensor. You can see the rounded corners and reduced bezels in the images.

    One noticeably absent feature is the second screen found in the V30’s predecessors. The display is reportedly being replaced with a software-based “floating bar,” but it doesn't appear in the videos.

    LG will be hoping the V30 can help turn around its mobile division’s fortunes. The segment posted a loss of $117.27 million for the last quarter, which it blamed on “weaker than expected” G6 sales.

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  2. Shaitan

    Shaitan TS Rookie

    - sealed battery
    - NO radio
    - Price will be too high probably, compared to Samsung
    Too bad, LG, too bad... The last phone I ever bought from you was the LG V20 which is superb, following a two year experience with a lovely LG G3.
    Too bad... too bad...

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