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Mar 16, 2011
  1. This is more of a discussion post not a please help me. If this post does not belong here sorry about that.

    From what I understand its pretty damn awesome. My concern is that my uncle wants to do online banking but has been running his computer without anti virus for years. He lives 20 hours away and I do not know how to remotely access his computer. So what I did is I put avira\malwarebytes\ccleaner\chrome on his flash drive with instruction before he left today.

    What I am wondering is the google chrome web browser so good that you could do online banking safely on a infected computer that has ran for years without anti viruses?

    Btw I advised him of course not to do any online banking on that computer until further notice. I will likely end up remotely accessing his computer and doing the 8 steps for him\posting logs.
  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    I'll start the discussion off>
    Short, easy answer: No

    Any browser is only as good as:
    1. The habits of the user.
    2. The security programs on the system
    3. The types of security> layered with AV, Firewall and Antimalware programs

    I haven't used Chrome, but I see the logs of others who do and I can say with some certainty that Chrome is no better than any other browser> basically>
    All browser have security settings: one user might have better security settings on their Chrome browser and therefore have better security and less malware. But that doesn't make Chrome itself a safer or better browser.

    To run any browser-ever- without proper security is like holding a gun to your head and inviting anyone who passes by to pull the trigger.

    Doing online banking without proper security programs on the system and without safe security settings is no better than inviting the public to take you money, your name, your personal financial transactions.

    I would guess that your uncle's scans will have a large assortment of malware:
    Maybe a keylogger to find all his passwords, social security number if he has one> anything he might type in.

    Has your uncle ever run the scans like we o here to check for malware? Does he have any idea what may be on the system?

    Once you get his system clean, put all or most of the following on it:
    Tips for added security and safer browsing:
    1. Browser Security Settings: Custom is fine if the user did the settings. Mine are Custom. Default is okay too, but sometimes too restrictive.
      This Tutorial will help guide you through Configuring Security Settings, Managing Active X Controls and other safety features: Make Internet Explorer safer.
    2. Have layered Security:
      • Antivirus Software(only one):Both of the following programs are free and known to be good:
        [o]Avast Free Version
      • Firewall (only one): Use bi-directional firewall. Both of the following programs are free and known to be good:
        [o]Zone Alarm
      • Antispyware: I recommend all of the following:
        [o]Spywareblaster: SpywareBlaster protects against bad ActiveX. It places kill bits to stop bad Active X controls from being installed. Remember to update it regularly.
      [o]Download ZonedOut and save to your desktop. this replaces IE/Spyad and manages the Zones in Internet explorer. This places over 4000 websites and domains in the IE Restricted list which will severely impair attempts to infect your system. It basically prevents any downloads (Cookies etc) from the sites listed, although you will still be able to connect to the sites.
      For IE7 and IE8, Windows 2000 thru Vista. No Windows 7 yet.
      IE/Spyad is not longer being supported. If you have this on your system, you should replace it with the following program. Make sure your IE8 is Up-to-date before adding sites to your restricted zone.
      Known issue: If you have "immunized" your computer with Spybot Search and Destroy, and use ZonedOut to "Remove All" restricted sites - ZonedOut will remove your trusted sites as well. Note that if you remove Spybot Search and Destroys Immunization the problem goes away...
      [o]Replace the Host Files
      MVPS Hosts files This replaces your current HOSTS file with one containing well know ad sites etc. Basically, this prevents your computer from connecting to those sites by redirecting them to which is your local computer.
      [o]Google Toolbar Get the free google toolbar to help stop pop up windows.
    3. Stay current on updates:
      [o] Visit the Microsoft Download Sitefrequently. You should get All updates marked Critical and the current SP updates.
      [o]Visit this Adobe Reader site often and make sure you have the most current update. Uninstall any earlier updates as they are vulnerabilities.
      [o]Check this site .Java Updates Stay current as most updates are for security. Uninstall any earlier versions in Add/Remove Programs.
    4. Reset Cookies to prevent Tracking Cookies:
      [o]For Internet Explorer: Internet Options (through Tools or Control Panel) Privacy tab> Advanced button> check 'override automatic Cookie handling'> check 'accept first party Cookies'> check 'Block third party Cookies'> check 'allow per session Cookies'> Apply> OK.
      [o]For Firefox: Tools> Options> Privacy> Cookies> check ‘accept Cookies from Sites’> Uncheck 'accept third party Cookies'> Set Keep until 'they expire'. This will allow you to keep Cookies for registered sites and prevent or remove others. (Note: for Firefox v3.5, after Privacy click on 'use custom settings for History.')
      I suggest using the following two add-on for Firefox. They will prevent the Tracking Cookies that come from ads and banners and other sources:
      AdBlock Plus
      Easy List
    5. Do regular Maintenance
      Remove Temporary Internet Files regularly:
      [o]ATF Cleaner by Atribune
      Disable and Enable System Restore:
      [o]See System Restore Guide This will help you understand what this is, why you need to clean and set restore points and what information is in them.
    6. Practice Safe Email Handling
      [o] Don't open email from anyone you don't know.
      [o] Don't open Attachments in the email. Safe to your desktop and scan for viruses using a right click
      [o] Don't leave your personal email address on the internet. Have a separate email account at one of the free web-based emails like Yahoo.
    Use a Site Advisor I recommend
    The Web of Trust (WOT) add-on is a safe surfing tool for your browser. Traffic-light rating symbols show which rate the site for Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy, Child Safety.Your online email account – Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail is also protected.

    Every time to do a search and the screen comes up with the sites, they will have the rating light. Green (2 shades), Amber/Yellow Caution, Red> not advised. A few sites haven't been rated and show as a blue flashlight. http://www.mywot.com/en/download

    A Note: I've use Firefox since the first full release came out. I do consider it safer that Internet Explorer. Perhaps others will give their first hand experience with Chrome vs 'the other browsers.'
  3. treetops

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    Hes still on vacation, he will be back home in Missouri next week, I live in Arizona, he stayed with us a few days now hes off to visit more relatives :). I will liekly trouble shoot with him when he gets back. I figured google chrome was ultra safe because it uses sand box tech for each web page opened. He used to have norton he got rid of it then tried to install avg and it would not go through the setup he said.

    He has no clue whats on his system. Yeah I wrote him up a little guide to help him for now telling him to update and I gave him ccleaner\av\as setups and told him the basics like updating. When I really go to help him I will of course go through the 8 step guide with him on the phone or remotely.

    I use firefox too, but after reading that article recently posted about chrome on how no one even tried to hack chrome at that convention, I was like damn that must be a great browser. Then I saw it used sandbox tech to open each window, so I was like dang even better. In that article internet explorer was hacked in 5 seconds.

    Here is the article

    oh here is the other article on it


    p.s. I also gave my uncle a norton remover tool.
  4. Bobbye

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    Heck, I stopped using IE years ago! Firefox has good protection- even before I put WOT Site Advisor on the system, FF was good about warning and not loading a bad site.

    It bothers me a lot when people get behind a keyboard saying they know nothing about computers! I have to sit on my hands not to snap back! They interact with other through email, message boards, etc. and technically they put others at risk.

    Believe it or not, I worked with one member here who had some 'unusual' entries in his log that made me curious. He was having system and malware problems and was very irritated. I finally had to come out and ask him (based on what I was seeing) if his OS was legitimate. He said "No, why should I pay for something that doesn't work!" He could accept the fact that it didn't work because he pirated it and got a lot of bad stuff with it!

    Your uncle is like many and I expect his system will be full of malware.
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  5. treetops

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    Heh, my younger brothers had pirated windows. I bet he would have got one of those free linux os's if he knew about them. His computer eventually got blue screens and died. I tried to fix it for him, eventually ended up replacing the mobo and cpu to find out the new mobo would not use that new cpu unless the firmware was upgraded. He still has not fixed it, which is a mixed blessing since he is not gaming like nuts anymore.

    I used to use WOT site adviser, something happened where I took out all my firefox plugins awhile back and I never put it back.

    Oh man on another note my sister in law (older bros wife) loves opening junk mail.... She said she actually won a laptop before by filling out some junk mail surveys so now she opens them up and fills out information on sites like its a lottery. She at least does not put in her ssn or anything like that but as you know shes opening her computer up to a array of attacks.

    I told my brother and her that yeah its a very bad idea. Its like security 101 not to open spam mail and go to there site. But she insists on it.

    On a completely unrelated note her email got hacked into a year ago, who would have thunk it?
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