In search of drivers for my VGA

By tumblewush98
Apr 21, 2008
  1. Just recently formatted my PC due to virus problems,
    and then it hit me that my driver CD's were half a world
    away and the only time I would be able to get them would
    be in the next few months, but then I really want to get my
    PC up and running again... I've already solved the problem
    for getting audio drivers, but then I don't have any for my
    VGA... I have an Inno3d GFX5500 and I really need drivers
    so could anyone point me to them? Are there any universal
    drivers that I could install? I tried the drivers on the inno3d
    site but then it couldn't install because I had to install for the
    VGA controller... Please help... I need this pc up and running
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