Incognito mode for Google Maps is rolling out for select users

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Something to look forward to: Incognito mode for Google Maps is rolling out for select people in the Maps preview program. Like its Chrome brother, it prevents searches and destinations from being saved to your Google account. While it's in preview, it should rolling out to the masses soon.

Incognito mode for Chrome is probably one of the most useful things about the browser. Not having certain searches or websites associated with your Google account can be empowering (or enabling depending who you ask). Google announced that it was bringing the feature to Google Maps back at its developer conference earlier this year. The feature is finally rolling out to those select few in the Maps preview community.

Like the Chrome version, Incognito for Google Maps prevents places you search for or navigate to from being saved to your Google Account. DroidLife reported that users in the preview group received an email stating: "Use Incognito Mode when you don't want your activity -- like the places you search for or navigate to -- to be saved to your Google account."

To activate Incognito mode, you can tap on your profile picture and choose "Turn on Incognito Mode" amid the options. A black bar will show up at the top of the screen for a visual confirmation (similar to how Chrome turns on a dark mode when in the same mode).

This makes three major Google services that have Incognito mode: Chrome, Maps, and YouTube. It is worth noting that while Incognito mode prevents your searches from being saved to your Google account, it does not prevent ISPs or other people with the means to sniff the network you're on from seeing your internet traffic. Still, it is a welcome feature for those who want a little privacy for their Maps queries.

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At least that is what gagme wants us to believe. I am waiting for the day when a security researcher finds that gagme is still tracking all this stuff even though they say they are not.

gagme is not to be trusted - in fact, they have routinely demonstrated that they are not worthy of the trust of anyone, IMO.
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