Infected System (here are my logs)

By acclamators
Sep 11, 2009
  1. Hello new here,I first noticed something fishy was up with my computer when my anti virus was being disabled on it's own for no reason on boot and sometimes even after i fixed the anti virus by turning it back on it would shut down like 10 minutes later. I scanned the dickens outta my computer but the problem still exists. I think my computer was infected by freeware that was on a flash drive my friend brought over and plugged into my USB drive.
    A file called speeditupfree.exe I think was the root of most of my headache. but my antivirus software also caught a few things too. A PRC viewer located in C:\Documents and settings\username\local settings\Temp\V3kGTI902448 but when i checked the folder manually it was gone and my anti virus said it couldn't remove it because of something like it came with a program installed on my computer and i may have agreed to some kind of contract that allows it to run. I then uninstalled macafee and installed AVG and ran a scan in safe mode and it found all that stuff in the log I provided in my attachment. Talk about being overrun by a security breach. Also a file i downloaded called MCREM2.exe macafee labeled as a PUP (potentially unwanted Program) and said it was my dreaded prc viewer. Then after that cc cleaner found Hkey_classes_Root/regfile/shell/Open/command/(Default) and said it couldn't be removed completely and it was a broken code or something like that. If a someone could help me I would be so grateful.
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    Welcome to TechSpot!. Unfortunately there are no malware helpers available at this time. But I will bring a couple of things to your attention:

    Moral: never let a friend connect their flash drive to your computer! This isn't text messaging- it's a big malware problem!

    Are you aware that you are currently running two ISPs? They are both legit: Level 3 in CO and Earthlink in GA. Are for the program you noted that could cause a problem, have you considered uninstalling it?

    Where and why did you download this file? Although I cannot help you with the malware cleaning, you need to be aware of this:
    Please take whatever precautions you feel are necessary to address this. In the meantime, you probably won't want to use the system for any 'secure' transactions.
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    Thanks for your reply

    I had no idea that i had two ISPs. My mom's computer has all the earthlink stuff installed on it and maybe that has something to do with it. maybe i should uninstall all earthlink related stuff then start over on hers. other than than i don't know how to fix that kind of problem. No earthlink stuff is on my computer. MCREM2.exe is a third party Macafee anti virus uninstaller. I was trying to fix my anti virus by uninstalling it and reinstalling it like 4 times with no luck with the official remover so i tried this one once. I downloaded it from here:
    Do I have some kind of keylogger? That would suck. Do you think it would be better to reinstall windows and start over? I know how to do that but I wanted to back up my data first but I don't want to backup the problem at the same time lol. I have yet to purchase an external hard drive that has sufficient space for my files. I have two hard drives in my computer: one is 300 GB that has windows on it and all my programs. and another that has 80 GB that doesn't have windows but it does have all my music videos basically all scratch media. Do you think it would be a good idea to format my 300 GB with my windows disc and then try and save my data on my 80GB because all i care about is my 80GB one.
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    I'm sorry- I can't go any further. I just wanted you to be aware.


    File Investigation Report
    Malicious Software

    McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe)

    McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool (MCPR.exe)

    I tried the site you downloaded from and got this:
    Not Found
    The requested URL /dev/build/McRem2.exe was not found on this server.

    I did find a site using here:
    It appears someone wrote script and is calling it McRem2.
    It is not the official McAfee Removal tool.

    Someone else will have to assist you further.
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