Inquiry about huge net speed difference

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Jun 27, 2008
  1. well, i have a broadband connection. LAN.
    When I download files, i use Internet Download Manager or DAP and it give speeds around 6-12 KB/s. Not good. But today I suddenly downloaded google earth (7.5 MB) in like 10 seconds. It showed me speeds of 800 KB to peaking around 1.2 MBPS!!!! I was shocked. And also, i get this superfast speed when i download from

    but i get the small 6-12 KB otherwise. So, is this google's server thing and server thing??? Or my server thing?

    I wanna kno wat actually is going on? and can I gett the same fast speed in other downloads as well...??

  2. Dicee

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    Firewall maybe??

    probly blocking most things so it doesnt alow a partiualy fast speed on your download managers..

    check out THIS to find out how to forward ports incase you dnt already know... if you do know how to... find the specific ports for the program and open them on both you firewall and router firewall
  3. MetalX

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  4. LookinAround

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    Let's start with some info

    1. Who's broadband connection service you use? It's a wired service or you talking wireless broadband?

    2. What upload and download speeds does your broadband rate provide you (these are their "theoretical" rates based on pricing. not actual rates you are experiencing)
  5. jobeard

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    1. a firewall doesn't impact up/download bandwidth. :(
    2. port forwarding is for sessions started from the remote end, not a download started from your computer :(

    please don't make wild speculations.
  6. Dicee

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    Excuse me? Have you ever used programs that are being blocked by a firewall? Slow connection.. Unblock goes faster. Yeah Maybe i think so
  7. Rick

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    Yes, he has and he knows what he's talking about. :)

    In trying to understand your point of view, I think you might be referring to P2P traffic which relies on uploading and download via multiple peers. Things like Bittorrent, Limewire etc...

    When talking about a regular HTTP downloads from websites, the only 'interference' a firewall could do it is completely block the download. Firewalls aren't meant to slow things down, they are meant to block things... ports specifically. P2P uses many ports and incoming/outgoing connections which can bypass a simple port block, but not without suffering some sort of performance penalty, usually.
  8. jobeard

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    We each have some experience that naturally leads us in a certain direction.
    Unfortunately, this can be limiting and inaccurate.

    Yes, I have used several firewalls on Macintosh, PC, Linux, and brand name Unix systems.

    I WILL NOT run a system without a firewall :)

    And as for 'speed' (better said bandwidth), I'm getting 6011/494kbps as I write.

    If you wish to continue this debate, let's agree to take it off line and use the
    private message facility (click my user name and pull down to Private Message).
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