Inspiron B130 shuts down, no longer turns on?

By notanexpert
Jul 9, 2009
  1. I currently have a dell inspiron B130. I was on the web when suddenly the entire computer shut down, dead in an instant. Now there are no fans, no lights on the front, and no reaction when I try to power on the computer. The power cord is still lit green, and I tried different outlets, but nothing works. (The battery hasn't held a charge in over a year, so I am always plugged in). What is my problem?

    I had a computer at work that had the motherboard go out, but its fan comes on when you try to power up. Is this different then?

    Should I pay to have it diagnosed or is it just DOA?
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    First, check your power adapter by exchanging with another, because a failed power adapter (regardless of the green light) is the most common failure on the B130.
    Beyond that, unless you are good with small tools and the innards, it will be expensive. Look for a tech with a good reputation... for it could be very simple, or very complex... a screen backlight, internal power fan, or a damaged system board... all of which need testing to diagnose.
    The B130 has been a good laptop... few problems. Easy to fix.
    You can get a used and guaranteed working system board for $65 to $75, or a brand new board and internal assembly for $130 to $150 with shipping... a good deal if the tech labor is not high... We know guys who replace them for $35...
    There are a lot of problems in that case that can be fixed for $35 and bring the computer back to life. It is the cost of the tech that makes it prohibitive.
    But it is what? Three years old already. and a good used computer is $199 or so?
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