Install Fedora 7 from DVD Image

By mandera
Mar 26, 2008
  1. I am trying to install Fedora 7 from DVD Image and I am being told No driver found.

    The disk boots ok and then I went through the usual installation process:
    What language: English
    What type of Keyboard: US
    What type of media contains the packages to be installed? I chose Local CDROM
    I clicked OK and I am given the following info:
    No driver found – select driver
    I selected and tried almost all the drivers and still nothing functions.

    I am using laptop Dell Inspiron 1420, Intel Core 2 Duo
    I have configured SATA for ATA to install windows server 2003, with Fedora I tried both ATA and AHCI and still nothing works
    Any suggestions please?
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