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Nov 13, 2011
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  1. As of now, I am running on a low spec laptop. My Inspiron 1545, it currently has 2.20GHz 2.19 GHz and 3.00GB installed on it. It has an integrated graphics card and video card. The only game I'm planning to run on it is TF2. I currently get about 10 - 15 fps on a normal game of 12 people. I have an fps script that makes the game look like nintendo 64 graphics and have tweaked some of the models. I know that I can't install / upgrade my graphics or video card, so I was planning to get more RAM to increase the speed of gaming.

    My question is, can I install more RAM into my laptop? If so, then where do I buy it and how do I install it?
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    mm yes you can install more ram, its pretty easy, takes a screw driver and taking out two screws

    looks like it can handle up to 8 gigs of ram, ddr2 800 sdram.

    Make sure you have a 64 bit os to utilize more than 3gigs of ram.
  3. TehJezusRaptor

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    Can I just buy some at a nearby Radio Shack? And is it expensive? How much of a fps increase will I see?

    EDIT: Well, I only have a 32-bit system. So the max I can have upgraded is 3gb?
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    Probably best to buy it online. Along with an os upgrade to windows 7 64 home
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    You can find 200pin ddr2 800 sodimm on newegg for a good price. Around $50 U.S for 4gbs. You can also buy windows 7 there too.

    As far as fps I know TF2 isn't really demanding so I'd say a noticeable increase in all around computing performance.
  6. TehJezusRaptor

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    Okay, thanks. But if I didn't want to risk hurting my computer by installing it myself. I honestly have no experience in taking apart my computer. Could I ask someone at Best Buy to do it for me???
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    You'd benefit more from a CPU overclock (but you have a laptop), than more RAM. Valve games are light on hardware, so it's more likely your video holding you to 10-15fps. Adding more than your current 3GB will do nothing to help that, especially at 800MHz. The game isn't using much more than 1GB as it is.
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    Its not only the game holding bogging his system down, The ram upgrade is his only alternative w/o buying a new laptop all together
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    you could, but they'll charge you, honestly its pretty easy, remove the battery first.
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    Save the money from the RAM upgrade and put it towards a new laptop/desktop I say.

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