Installing any OS has problems

By codone
Dec 4, 2009
  1. Reason why I did the install is that whenever windows xp would load and I would be on for maybe 1-5mins before it just turns off and restarts.

    I was running Windows XP, decided to install windows 7 with the current problems I am having with XP. The installation is going fine, I decide to just delete all partitions and start new, and once I finish the install at the end with the serial and the one more restart - should be good.

    Now it will just stay in post and restart over and over again without ever getting to the windows splash screen.

    I cannot even run ubuntu correctly, the same thing occurs. once it seems like it has been a successful install it will loop at post so the only way I am on here is using it through the cd as a live session user.

    What are some things I can do, I don't want to have my Dad go and buying the wrong stuff so ill wait it out.
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    On your ubuntu disk one of the options on the initial menu screen is called Memtest or Memory Check. Do that.

    If that passes, you may want to get a program to check if your HD is failing.
  3. codone

    codone TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi, well I did do the memory test and it passed fine. Know of a HD program to check it that works with Ubuntu.
  4. codone

    codone TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It could just be Windows 7 I am having issues with, I was able to install ubuntu. When I google this issue with windows 7, I see a lot of other users having the same problem with unresolved fixes and some, rare but some are able to get out of this constant loop.

    Does this make any sense, try to run windows 7 without the old vga video plug and just use my primary monitor with dvi. I am tired of trying to install windows 7 at this time, taking a break.
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