Installing Windows 7 on a PC with XP Pro & Ubuntu

By TorturedChaos
Sep 25, 2009
  1. Wasn't sure if this should go in Windows OS or other, but here it is.....

    So my pc has XP pro installed and Ubuntu. I have it setup with a 10gig partition for XP, a 10 gig for Ubuntu and then rest of the 500 gig hdd is for storage and has my My documents and program files on it. I also have a 1TB hdd in there. What I would like to do is create new partition on one of the hdd (that part I know how to do), then install windows 7 on that partition. I have been trying to find a guide to help me but they are either just answers to specific questions, guides for vista, xp & Ubuntu or guides for doing the hole thing from scratch, or get very technical in Linux and go over my head :p.

    Oh, I should also let you know, I am a Linux Noob, and have Ubuntu on there to play around with it some and try to learn on a linux OS.

    Anyways, does anyone have a nice guide as to how to do this? Or is it fairly simple and I can just dive right in? Also would it be better to make the partition for Win 7 on the 500 gig with the other OS's on it or the other hdd?

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