Installing Windows Essential Email Client Live

By Bob Hobart
Sep 20, 2016
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  1. I was trying to install Windows Essential Live e-mail client and have five questions:

    Current Situation: I currently have an e-mail account with using Outlook Express and downloading e-mail onto my XP Desktop machine.

    Attempting to convert: I now want to convert/port over to a Windows 7 laptop. I would like to get my current downloaded e-mail from Outlook Express over to Windows 7 laptop in a mail program buy what I have read I have figured this is not possible.

    1. I need the new program to be able to send e-mails to groups and have folders options like Outlook Express I can create and add.
    2. Also have a SPAM filter for incoming and away to enter e-mail addresses for those SPAM files I do not want filtered.
    3. Basically has the features like Outlook Express for sorting by fields, flaging, address book, Easy to manage and sort large amounts (200-300) e-mails a day quickly. (Adds up quickly if I do not get to them each day)

    Q1> I first tried to download Microsoft Essentials to get the Email Live Client. How do I stay away from the web version?
    Q2> Another thing I found is Microsoft wants me to go with which also seems to be web-based. Is this correct?
    Q3> I do have Microsoft Office 2010 with Outllook on the machine. Is that better then trying to get Microsoft Essentials Live e-mail client ?
    Q4> I also see allot of usage of an e-mail client called Thunderbird. Is that preferred to all the above?
    Q5> Has anyone seen a link does a feature comparison of e-mail clients including the ones mentioned above?

    Thanks All !!!

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