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Installing Windows on a New Hard Drive

By Lisa7
Nov 1, 2013
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  1. I have HP Pavillion Desk Top that I baught in 2010. The "hard drive" was failing (imminently) so I installed a New Hard drive - 1 TB - the same as before, bought the right one to replace the old one. Everything seemed to have gone well. And then ...
    I inserted my factory recovery disk that I made just before I pulled the old hard drive out, and everything worked right, it installed both disks and was installing windows, but ...
    After the disks finished installing and the computer went through 2 more screens with progress bars for installing the computer would reset and try to start windows to finish the set up, when windows was starting it would say windows is installing files, and before it was done,
    a screen pop up and said that the setup process can not continue because windows can not load on this computer hardware.
    So I tried again and some how when the box pops up with all the choices, I was able to do the PC DOCTOR, thinking maybe the computer is NOT taking the New Hard drive, but the Doctor said everything was ALL RIGHT. Computer PASS all the tests!
    And when I reset the computer again, another message pups up but now it says:_
    ___Windows can not complete the installation process, please restart the installation.
    And I did 4 or 5 times with the same response!!!
    Maybe my recovery disk wasn't done right? Maybe I have to buy a new "recover disk" from the factory? or buy another Windows 7 ? It Sucks:(
    Now would any one has any suggestions on what I should do, I feel kind of lost, PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. Cobalt006

    Cobalt006 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,777   +244

    Most Hp computers will not accept the new hard drives. If it is not the same make and model of the old one. The hard drive is code into the recovery disks you made your self. This is due to the recovery disks you made are only a image of the original restore partition on your old hard drive. You may need to call hp support and see if their recovery disk will work. I just ran in to this problem . On a old hp I had. Lucky though it came from the factory with two hard drives. So I used the 2nd Hard drive to get it up and running. Then took the new one back where I bought it. GoodLuck!

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