Integrated 8-channel (7.1) High Definition Audio question

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Jun 4, 2009
  1. I am doing some transcription work and have the integrated 8-channel high definition audio on my Gateway GT5628 computer. I have tried a couple of different headsets and am still not totally excited about things I don't hear clearly.
    I was looking for a place to adjust the sound--a configuration place for vocal or a graphic equalizer. I have the feeling that is not available on this sound setup. Integrated tells me that, I think. It is not a real sound card.
    Ok, no laughing here on my lack of knowledge but if there are any adjustments I can make, I have no idea where they might be. Under sound in the control panel I see Sigma Tel High Definition Audio CODEC. Nothing there under properties. Is my sound just the way it is?
    Thanks for any help. I can spell though!:)
  2. Tha General

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    I have the same onboard video, they have a graphic equalizer.

    Go to start, run and type in msconfig, make sure that option is check as highlighted which i shown.


    When you restart, you should see a new icon in the bottom right corner, open it up and you should more options.
  3. mopsy

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    I am sending a screen shot of what I got. If it is the Sigma Tel and I believe it is. It was checked already. I will restart and see what happens. Hurray I got the screen shot in!!!

  4. mopsy

    mopsy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi, Well I did restart and I see a speaker in the tray. It has probably always been there and I had no idea what I could pull up there. I do believe this is what you were referring to.
    It now leads me to another question in the startup. You don't seem to have very much enabled. How can I get safely take off that stuff that starts up on my computer. I bet I don't need most of that. Any thoughts on how I should go about unchecking more things?
  5. Tha General

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    Alright just a few things:

    My system is kinda like yours, well you know prebuilt lol. You have a gateway rig, that rig looks nice, and i am buying a gateway quad core myself soon.

    #1 My mistake about the startup thing, you can leave it disable if you want. So go back into msconfig and uncheck it, i didn't know this before. But in control panel, you should see realtek audio manager, just click on that and what you were looking for is there lol.

    #2 This is the rig you have:

    Nice, you have a 8500GT in it.

    Anyways, #3 you could install CC cleaner and go to " tools ", startup " and see what is loading up.

    #4 Those items which you see that are unchecked were previous programs i had install that loaded up, i am not using them anymore, so i have them unchecked, thats all.

    #5 As for services thats a different story. I do have some stuff uninstall in in services, someone else on here with more information can help you with that. You could always make a new thread about it.

    Note: In services what i do know for sure that we don't need and i have disable are:

    Windows Update, Parentel controls, Windows Search, Security Center. Those are useless. Windows update, i mean you can update your system yourself once you get hang of things.

    Also you may think vista is confusing at start and it is, but you will get use it to. Have fun!
  6. mopsy

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    You like my computer, huh? It is pretty nice. The quad is nice. I picked it up on It is refurb. I am pretty used to Vista now as it was a year ago. I have Office 07 but am using 03 as I know it better. I need to learn 07 but I have so much to learn with transcription classes I am worried about flexing my brain that hard right now.
    That start up crap gets to me. It just seems like everybody and their brother wants to be out there. I will take your suggestion and put in another thread. If I remember, you can take them out one at a time and see if all is working. I have magic jack and that isn't even supposed to be on the computer anymore but there it was in startup checked. I am not using Novastor for backup and it was checked. On and on it goes.
    I did find all the stuff in device manager by checking properties, so I will uncheck the realtek and go in from device manager. I have a sheet about sound quality in transcription so perhaps I will hear the stuff better. I miss the a, an, the, etc. right now.
    Odd you mentioned CC cleaner. I was in an online class through "go to meeting" today and it was brought up. I did download the free version and used it today. It aced out all my passwords which was a bit disconcerting, but I have them all tucked away and am in business again.
    I appreciate your help so much and I will post on the startup menu.
    Did you like how I did my screenshot!!!? This is all new good stuff for me. I am learning word shortcuts to avoid the mouse. I am a learning machine these days.
  7. Tha General

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    Yea everything is nice, gateway is my favorite desktop brand, which is why i am going to buy a gateway quad core later this year. I recently bought a emachine amd single core processor to replace my old pentium III and this amd system is really nice.

    Anywho, when using CC cleaner, make sure to uncheck the password part lol i think its called save form information , i unchecked that.

    I only have 43 processes start ups(when using ati ), but when using a nvidia card i have 34.
    So just look at the stuff carefully and uncheck what you don't need.

    Also don't forget to DISABLE UAC in the tool section in msconfig.

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