Intel CEO: Nokia-Microsoft deal made me curse


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The deal between Nokia and Microsoft was so unexpected for Intel CEO Paul Otellini that he cursed. Otellini said that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop called him to talk about Nokia switching to Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform, and Otellini said he responded with a word that Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz "has often used." He was referring to her reputation for using foul language.

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"The carriers still want a third ecosystem and the carriers want an open ecosystem, and that's the thing that drives our motivation."

Ecosystems are dynamic interactions between plants, animals, and microorganisms and their environment working together as a functional unit. Ecosystems will fail if they do not remain in balance. No community can carry more organisms than its food, water, and shelter can accomodate. Food and territory are often balanced by natural phenomena such as fire, disease, and the number of predators. Each organism has its own niche, or role, to play.

The world will and has for millions of years without electronic gadgets.


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Guest said:
has and will "survive"

LIES! The world is only six thousand years old, humans and dinosaurs lived together, and the universe was created in six days!

(I'm being sarcastic if you didn't catch on)