Intel D865 PERL shutting down

By bdb172
Dec 14, 2009
  1. I have an Intel D865PERL Mobo with 3GHz processor (pentium 4) and 2Gb of RAM running on windows xp.

    the computer ran fine for the better part of a year and a half and then started to randomly shut down (every few weeks it might). the problem got worse to the point where certain programs (Itunes) would almost crash it automatically.
    I formatted the computer and reinstalled Windows XP. it worked for a while and then started to just randomly shut down again. I didnt touch it for about two months.

    Recently, i have removed and unhooked every additional piece of hardware besides a video card, dvd drive and hard drive. i have even tried a different video card, different dvd drive and i still have the same issue.

    I then tried a brand new hard drive but XP would not install properly (either blue screen or could never copy the correct files for installation)

    I ran a MEMTEST which would crash consistently and so i had RMA replacement of the memory.
    At this point i was at least able to install XP on the new hard drive.

    The final step I have taken is a brand new power supply and the computer still has the same issue. It generally will boot into XP but then shut down within a minute or two of operation. I have checked the temperature in the BIOS and the processor is running at about 149 F. I can stay in the BIOS for what seems to be an indefinite amount of time without it shutting down.

    I figure it is either the processor or the Mobo, but how do i determine that at this stage?
  2. raybay

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    Perhaps you could test your cooling, by removing your thermal paste, and reapplying the paste. Remember that too much is as bad as too little. Thick thermal paste will act as an insulator, causing heat build up. Use the thinnest possible coating.
    What you describe could easily be a heat problem, so I would examine everything related to heat dissipation.
    It is very rare that you will have a CPU problem, so if heat is ruled out, you may need to replace the board to know for sure... still, it doesn't sound like a board issue, either.
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