Intel Details Graphics Media Accelerator 900

By Julio Franco
May 28, 2004
  1. Along with Grantsdale's rich feature set that we have talked about over the last days, it will also come a long-needed update to Intel's integrated graphics. Although nothing as sophisticated as in ATI's and NVIDIA's latest chips is to be expected, Intel will be packing more mainstream/high-end features in the Graphics Media Accelerator 900, DirectX 9.0 feature-set, dual display and HDTV support has been promised which would make for a very interesting offer in the low-end sector using all-integrated motherboards.

    The GMA900 graphics packs 4 pixel pipelines and works at 333MHz, bringing one of the fastest integrated graphics cores ever available. Besides, the Graphics Media Accelerator 900 supports DirectX 9 capabilities – hardware pixel shaders 2.0 and software vertex shaders 2.0 – in addition to OpenGL 1.4 feature-set.
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