Intel graphics drivers can now bypass OEM locks, become easier to update


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Intel iGPUs aren't the last word in graphical horsepower, but for many users, they're a perfectly acceptable and affordable option for carrying out daily computing tasks and doing a bit of casual gaming.

Like dedicated GPUs, Intel also pushes out regular graphic driver updates with fixes, optimizations, and support for new games and applications. OEMs, however, employ driver locking to prevent users from installing these generic drivers until they've baked in their own customizations and validated the software, followed by its distribution on their official support pages.

Now though, Intel has come up with a new version of its Windows 10 GPU driver that's fully unlocked and enables users to upgrade freely between OEM drivers and its vanilla offering. As can be noted in the description for the latest Intel HD Graphics Driver, users can simply download the executable and update their system without affecting OEM customizations, as long as they're using a 6th-gen CPU or later.

Intel says that OEMs can now maintain and push their tweaks separately via Windows Update and that its Drivers and Support Assistant tool will also be updated to reflect these changes. It is, however, still cautioning users that its generic drivers are meant to "temporarily test new features, game enhancements, or check if an issue is resolved" and advises to reinstall the OEM driver until the latter validates and comes up with its own version.

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Uncle Al

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Easier, yes ..... but better? We'll see how long before the scammers use it to their advantage .....


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I'm sick of the OEM's thinking they know better than us. For the majority of dummies in the world, it's probably true, but for tech savvy people it's an extreme annoyance. The first thing I do to an OEM system (still to this day) is remove all their worthless bloatware.

Shirley Dulcey

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I already installed the new drivers a while ago on my Dell Inspiron with an i7-6500U processor, since Dell had stopped providing graphics driver updates for the system. At that time it involved completely uninstalling the Dell drivers, removing them from my system, and then installing the Intel drivers while ignoring the warnings about non-customized drivers. It's nice to know that Intel is making things easier.

There was a time when the manufacturers' customization mattered, because that was the only way to get support for non-standard resolutions or timing. Now the OS gets everything it needs from the display itself so there is no need for it.

Sometimes manufacturers have their own special things like switches on the computer to turn off wireless or whatever. Here's a hint for computer makers: if those need a driver, make one that is JUST for your proprietary thing rather than rolling it into the driver for something else. Let us have the stock drivers for the rest of the system. It will make both our lives and yours easier.


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I have been manually installing Intel graphic drivers for my Win 10 pro installation on my 2003 Dell 4th generation CPU computer since 2015. However the Windows update in fall of 2019 killed the bypass...! Now, I will try again to see if this is possible again...
Yesterday I tried to install intel graphic drivers and I wasn't able to bypass. It showed some message that I cannot install it and I should stick with OEM drivers. I have dell inspiron 7560 7th gen i7, intel graphics 620. I noticed in intel websites on graphics cards description kaby lake is excluded, but they mention 7th gen. Maybe for this reason I wasn't able to proceed? Should I try to remove completely?

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