Intel packs Core i5 into 4-inch PC, i3 models available Q3 2012

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Jun 8, 2012
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  1. At Computex, Intel has revealed plans for a new small form factor PC which packs an Ivy Bridge Intel Core i3 into a 4x4 inch chassis. The chip maker has...

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  2. mevans336

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    Well, I had planned to build a Brazos-based HTPC ... not any longer.
  3. dear Techspot,
    Any idea of when Intel will release the next variant of their HD4000 graphics? Is it true that it'll be 2-3x more capable than the current new HD4000?

    That new "HD5000" will be AWESOME!!! Would go nicely with such a small form factor.
  4. mevans336

    mevans336 TS Enthusiast Posts: 161   +11

    You're thinking of the Ivy Bridge "Tock," Haswell. No one knows for sure when it will be released, but most likely Q1 or Q2 of 2013.
  5. seeing as core i5 is no better than motorola 68000 it seems like a storm in a teahut
  6. wrong, I think you are confused. this is a full-blown desktop processor. not a crippled ARM/RISC equivalent. The core i5 is better than any of the best desktop processors from any of Intel's competition. Even the core i3 beats the latest offerings from AMD on most tests.
  7. **** that intel or what is this.
    Intel told several weeks ago that NUC will be come with thunderbolt and usb 3.0
    This last demo of NUC has no usb 3 and no thunderbolt.
    So thats nothing new, that's a trash, **** this kind of companyes like ocz, telling high and then show poor numbers, ****, I will not buy from intel.
    Promises, words.... And then nothing become...
  8. What promises? These are rumours. Until Intel makes their own OFFICIAL release, it isn't finalized yet.

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