Intel to introduce advanced cooling solution for laptops at CES 2020

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Supply chain sources tell DigiTimes that the new thermal design utilizes a combination of vapor chambers and graphite sheets to help lower temps. Specifically, the new components will replace the traditional thermal modules that get stuffed between the keyboard and the exterior shell. The idea is to transfer heat from this area to the back of the screen where it can be better dissipated.

Part of Intel’s Project Athena initiative, it is said to boost cooling efficiency by as much as 30 percent. The solution will also allow manufacturers to put out fanless notebooks and reduce the overall thickness of systems, a byproduct that consumers will no doubt appreciate.

There’s been an uptick in the usage of vapor chamber cooling as of late, especially in gaming laptops that generate lots of heat, as they are more flexible than heat pipe modules with regard to how they can be oriented.

Several partners will feature the new design in products shown off at CES, we’re told.

Worth noting is the fact that sources say laptop makers will have to redesign the hinges on their systems to allow the graphite sheet to pass through in order to conduct heat.

The 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show runs from January 7, 2020, through January 10, 2020, in Las Vegas.

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...and Xe GPU is now another poof? Third failure on the GPU market is a pattern.

And that's the real cooler.
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Well I think it's admirable, the only real issue with thin and light models is the price premium they charge for the magnesium housing, like Razers line of laptops, we haven't seen cheap thin and lights that are gaming good just yet most of them start at the $1600 area but focus on that $2000+ segment as a bar of entry.


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I must confess that I really dislike what the press is doing today with this stupid leaks that spoil all the surprises. Sure, I do want to know some thing related to perf beforehand, that I can understand, but nowadays everything is leaked before, so when things do happen we are already bored of that subject. Damn...