Intermittent A&V - Yamaha RX-V371

By cmbsoz
Jun 24, 2016
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  1. I have a Yamaha RX-V371 AV Receiver which sits between a media centre, cable TV box and a samsung tv.

    Everything connect via HDMI, ie. Media Centre --> AV Receiver --> TV and the same for the cable tv box.

    Of late I have found that when switching the AV Receiver from 1 HDMI input to the other that the audit and video signal comes on and off intermittently. I get flashes of sound/video. It will attempt 4-5 times before it finishes with a blank screen (I.e. no audio or video)

    As I switch backwards and forwards between the two HDMI inputs the flashes of audio and video on each HDMI input get longer and longer until finally I have a consistent signal for audio and video and it will be fine until I want to switch to another input - which send me backs to the beginning with the intermittent signal.

    the problem is getting progressively worse. When it first started happening it might take 3-4 minutes to get a solid signal - now its a 20 minute effort. Its so bad now that I have removed the AV receiver from the middle and now only have Media Centre --> TV and there is no signal issue (but have lost all 5.1 surround sound).

    Any idea where the problem is and whether or not its repairable?
  2. MsJazzMaven

    MsJazzMaven TS Rookie

    It could be something wrong with the HDMI board or DSP chip inside your receiver. Do you have an alternate way to connect up your receiver (optical or coaxial digital and standard RCA jacks)? If so, try connecting whatever fits that way and try your receiver again. It may require more cables, but it may prolong the life of your receiver a couple more years without an expensive repair.

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