Intermittent BSOD Problem on New Computer

By CJMathias
Oct 22, 2008
  1. Hello everyone! My problem is that my computer will suddenly BSOD. The problem usually occurs when I am browsing web pages, though no specific page in general.

    This first lead me to believe that the problem was being caused by a defective Ethernet port, but a bandwidth meter shows that I am running at an acceptable speed for my connection rate.

    A glance at my Event Log pointed to a possible error in my TCPIP.sys file (which I had previously modified). After restoring the backup version, I am still having the problem.

    I recently reformatted my computer and started completely fresh, but the problem persists. Any help would be appreciated.

    I know that dump logs are helpful in such a case, so you will find 8 dumps attached below.

  2. peterdiva

    peterdiva TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,088

    All bar one of the crashes were caused by Zonealarm. Uninstall Zonealarm and see if the crashes stop. Use the Windows firewall for the time being.

    BugCheck C2, {7, cd4, 2060001, 88b34b28}
    Probably caused by : vsdatant.sys ( vsdatant+450c1 ) <-- Zonealarm.
    Image name: vsdatant.sys Timestamp: Thu Nov 15 07:43:05 2007 (473B79F9)
  3. CJMathias

    CJMathias TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That is wonderful news! I will uninstall Zonealarm immediately.

    I'm guessing that one that wasn't caused by Zonealarm didn't have enough information? Else it probably would have also been ZA? :)

    Oh, during the course of my Google-search I ran across some people saying that the problem could be memory related. I ran memtest for 24 hours, and it came back with a single error. Is that acceptable? I'm not sure if one error is usually significant enough to cause system instability.

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