Internal SATA Drive Prevents Windows from booting

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I have a SATA 1 TB Maxtor drive that is giving me issues. When the drive is plugged in it prevents Windows from booting even though there is no OS on this drive. I am running Windows 7 RC from a Raptor Drive. When I take the drive out my computer boots up with no issues at all.

Now normally I would assume there is a problem with the drive, but I had been using the drive fine up until about 4 days ago when this started happening, but the drive still spins when I turn my computer on, and in the boot menu my computer still recognizes the drive and can read the drive's size. My computer just stops at "Verifying DMI Pool" Sometimes it makes it past that and will make it to the Windows 7 screen then it will go to black and say "Checking Disk" and it will start to scan but eventually the progress will stop and it will just sit there.

Any ideas?


I put the drive in a SATA enclosure. When plugged in my computer recognizes there is a new USB device plugged in but the Hard Drive still does not show up in My Computer or in Disk Management. Drive still spinning though.

Re-formatting or accepting the drive is lost is my last option. I have a lot of important data on this drive. If I have to I would find a way for someone to fix it.


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I do hate to be the bearer of bad news but it does sound like the drive is dying,

you can try the old trick of freezing the drive connecting it quickly and seeing if you can get it to be read enough to get the data off it.

im sure other TS members have their own ways of recovering dying drives, but that one works for me.

Also try and download the makers test tool for it and use that to test it with, if its under warranty you may be able to get it replaced, however the data is gone.
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