Internet and sound does not work

By dahernandez
Feb 6, 2009
  1. So recently my computer (XP sp3) was hit hard by a bunch of spyware over a couple of days, I ran malwarebytes and it asked me to reboot to finish cleaning and when it did my start menu and desktop icons did not show up and I would get an error message saying init32.exe had to be shut down and if I wanted to send an error report and I hit yes and it seemed to send however nothing else seemed to happen. Then by using task manager and selecting new task explorer.exe my icons and start menu would pop up however my internet and sound would not work. I used system restore and finally found one that allowed my internet to work and then reran malwarebytes and super antispyware and it asked me to restart which I did and then the same thing would happen. I tried system restore again however now it wouldnt let me go back as far as I did before It only allows me one restore on feb 3rd I tried it however after it restarts it says the restore did not work. I keep running super antispyaware and malwarebytes however it says my computer is clean however I havent been able to update them, so Im not sure if something else is wrong thats either unrelated or that occured as a result of the cleaning or system restore. I have ran both scans and system restore in normal and safe mode.
    Thanks ahead of time I'm totally stumped and need my pc asap for school.
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    ok, first off, i don't know exactly what you did or what the problem is, but i searched init32.exe and all of the results come up saying it's a dangerous file. mostly about trojans. for future reference, be more cautious about clicking any message you get, especially if you don't know what they are.

    you may want to go to one of those forums that have you post a HijackThis log cause they would go way more in depth than I can. nonetheless, what I would do is scan your computer with a couple of programs I like to use.

    AVG Free - it's an anti virus, just google avg free and it'll be the first link
    Adaware - anti-spyware/malware program
    Spybot Search and Destroy - another anti-spyware/malware program (i like to use both just in case)

    For me, running those scans are usually enough, but I'd recommend getting a good firewall (I use ZoneAlarm) and other spyware protection programs (SpywareGuard and SpywareBlaster for me). There are several online scanners you can also use (TrendMicro Online Scanner) that may be of help to you. I have also used CWShredder in the past.

    still, I can't say whether this will fix your problem or not, but it will help you clean up parts of your computer. to get a more in depth reply, maybe someone else will come by, but using HijackThis will give you a post of all the processes your running, so somebody who knows what they're looking at will be able to give you more detailed directions.

    I'd still recommend using those programs for now, and even after if you want to keep your computer clean.
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