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  1. I got a virus on my Dell Inspiron N4110. To get rid of it a friend of mine installed a new version of Windows on it and whatever tricks he had up his sleeve. But now I am unable to connect to the interent via wi-fi or by hooking it up! I took it to the Geek Squad and they told me that I need to go to and download the internet drivers for it. So I went and I had no idea which one I needed. After talking to Dell tech support for nearly an hour to a person who could not speak very good english and than the call being lost being transferred to someone else, I have just about had it! Can someody please help me!
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    Presuming this is your pc choose your operating system then Download any of the top 4 "3comdrivers" listed under network.

    Not sure what operating system your friend installed but it appears that the dell drivers only support older versions of windows.

    If they do not work try the other 3 below them.

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