Internet Drops Out, Consistent Speed with Modem, New Router - no solution

So basically how the title is.

My internet would drop out/freeze. Router doesn't indicate any change in service. I plug my laptop into the modem, and have prime speeds.

Restart the router. Works for awhile.
Reinstalled the firmware manually on the router.
Set the Channel off of "Auto" and put on various options of 9, 10, 11 to avoid clashes with other networks.

Freezes. Now the router indicates there's no connection. Drag the cord out of modem and test. Prime speeds.

Okay, screw this - I went and bought a new router yesterday because, sure, that Belkin one was 2-3 years old. Set it up with same channel settings, etc.

I have a laptop that runs a VPN (for work) that uses it, plus multiple iphones (3) and ipads (2) an AppleTV and a Samsung smart TV.

Like, help me please here.


OK, but lets solve on thing at a time 1) ignore the VPN at work and let's get the home router stabilized.
The mobile devices are difficult to diagnose, so 2) stick with the PC for now.

Standard questions:
  • did you update the ethernet & wifi drivers on the PC?
  • have you looked to ensure your new router has the latest firmware?
  • *if* you have a DSL connection to the ISP, do you have the line filters on EVERY device connected to the phone line EXCEPT the line to the modem? *MUST HAVE*
Got to get these right first.

THEN, find the MTU that's right for you AT HOME and set that into the new router:
  • get a command prompt
  • ping -l 1500 -f
  • as long as you see Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set., reduce the 1500 by 8 and iterate with the new number
  • :: record the MTU that works for your ISP at home
The router conf page is accessible using your browser and HTTP://your_router_address/
You need the router password
set the new MTU. Also set a new router password and save the settngs.

The wired connection should be solid at this point.

The wifi should also be better, as long as you avoid other stations with the same channel.
I assume you've see the post re inSSIDER for wifi setup.
Thank you for your advice!

Okay 1) PC has the most consistent connection to the router... Its a work computer so I haven't tried to update the drivers
2)firmware is most updated version
3) nothing else connected to this line... so I believe its not a DSL line. (I have no utilities other than electricity, water and internet.)

Connected the PC through wire to the router and did the pinging thing and it felt SO GOOD to do something that gets a response! Even though it was "100% fail" LOL
I went down to 1356 and it finally came back "Request timed out" twice. Is this the message I'm looking for?

I'm attempting to update the MTU on my router.

Question: set a new router password? As in for the wifi connection? or admin password? That's something: I set this new wifi with THE SAME name and password as the previous (so I didn't have to go through and reconnect everything). Is that a problem?

I will look at the InSSIDER post in the meantime.
**Update... I kept moving down the ping thing and got to 1324 which said 0% loss and I updated the MTU on my router to that number. Will update if I see a change


Good job.

Changing the router password and prohibiting remote configurations (port 8080) is obvious security issue.
REALLY need to do this if you expect to keep control.

See this post for the tutorial on inSSIDER
Okay, so I'm TOTALLY holding my breath and crossing my fingers and toes, but I think the MTU update FIXED IT! I am NOW (for the first time) able to run a speed test on my iphone (which would time out due to network communication issues). YEEE!!!

I have all the passwords set, but I'm a little lax about changing due to the fact that I'm in the country (also why I didn't think the channel change would fix anything). I will consider changing it, though. :)

Anyway, its been working consistently for at least an hour! This is huge.
Thanks so much for your help!


GREAT!!! I assume being in the country you are on a DSL phone connection or a satellite connection.
On DSL, be advised that the phone line filters do fail from time to time and the test is to disconnect everything except the modem.