Internet Explorer 6 laid to rest after 10 years of service

Shawn Knight

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Mourning the passing of a trusted companion can be tough to cope with but for Microsoft, there’s reason to celebrate. To mark the demise of Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft baked…

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

All that's left to do is to get rid of ie7. As a matter of fact we should only be using HTML 5 compliant browsers.

We need faster releases of ie versions, just not at the rediculous rate of Firefox or Chrome realeses.


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Practically the only reason to use Explorer is when connecting to Microsoft for updates.


@raybay: What's wrong with the fully functional built in Windows Update? Or are you not using Windows 7?


Microsoft made a proprietary browser (IE 6) to keep all its users using a Microsoft browser; however other events (new browsers, technology, etc.) required Microsoft to make changes. They have slowly tweaked IE (7-10) to be more open and use more standards. Now Microsoft wants everyone to move off their old locked in browser. The main reason users may still be using IE 6 is because they are locked in and have to wait for upgraded applications. We use many browsers (IE 6 – 10), Firefox and Chrome. We still have IE 6 around to support some customers that still have old locked in applications. Thanks Microsoft...


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Per Hansson said:
"Laid to rest" is a bit misleading, security updates and support will be provided
Well, maybe we could look at it this way: IE6 *is* six feet under, but Microsoft will be occasionally placing floral bouquets upon its grave site for the next two years.


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Interesting that the people republic of China still has 25% usage according to the IE countdown site,

why they no upgrade

Even Windows XP supports IE 7.