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By Reckoning
Jan 18, 2009
  1. I personally use firefox but i have another computer in the house where they use IE. When you go to IE and you click the star in top left corner (favorite center) you then can view "favorites" or you can select "history"

    So i assumed history would simply be the history of all the sites you visited. You can organize the history by "last week" or "last month" etc...
    When i go to history tho and click for example "last week" it shows a list of about 25 sites that are completely random and were never visited on this computer. It is not at all the history of what was visited last week on the computer. So does anyone know where these sites come from? the randomness of them makes me believe it's advertisement but why is it marked "history"?
  2. Bobbye

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    Try clearing all the History:

    Command line: History
    Start> Run> cmd> type in the following:
    RunDll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 1

    Once you have completely cleared the History, set History to keep one day. Go in and check it and see if there are mysterious sites. If there are, move to the Virus and Malware Removal Forum and follow THESE instructions:

    IF you don't have a firewall or have a one-way firewall and you have a broadband connection, malware could be 'calling home'.

    You can find the command lines for other process you may want to clear here:
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