Internet is unreliable when using a router

By Flannelwarrior
Nov 7, 2009
  1. Unstable internet connection with router

    Alright, I've tried everything, and I'm finally resorting to asking for help.

    I have a Broadband connection with Comcast, which usually runs at between 12-20mb/s. It's always been very reliable and whenever I'm having a problem, resetting my modem (standard issue Motorolla modem) fixes it.

    Recently my room mate bought a laptop, so we got a Belkin Enhanced Router. Now our setup is as follows - modem to router, router wired to my computer (because I don't trust wifi), and wireless to his laptop.

    Now, I'm sure it's set up correctly hardware wise. How hard can that be? Ethernet from modem to router, ethernet from router to comp.

    When I started trying to configure everything is where I ran into problems. First, the Belkin setup/install disc didn't like my computer's network card, didn't recognize it, a bunch of other crap, and I had to mess with it for a good half hour just in order to complete the installation process. During this time, the laptop could connect to our wireless signal flawlessly, and I could connect, but the connection was very pingy and would time out once every few minutes.

    I finally got the setup disc to install correctly and I was thinking my problems were fixed. However, the internet is still PAINFULLY slow about half the time (like, I'll open a new tab and it'll load half the page and time out, or just not load at all). I've tried everything I can possibly think of. Using the internet at 1500ms of ping is NOT going to work for me. Do you guys have any suggestions?

    I've also had this problem at a different house, using a different type of router (Linksys) and different computers entirely. I'd get disconnected from WoW 10-15 times in a given raid when my computer was plugged into the router, but if I plugged it into the modem, my internet would be fast and uninterrupted. So maybe it's MY problem with the way I'm setting things up?
  2. Flannelwarrior

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    Aright, update, and bump?

    Now my internet won't connect even when I wire straight from my modem to my computer. So I'm thinking the router install disc automatically configured my settings so I can't connect without it. Solution?

    A mod should move this thread to the correct forum for me :)
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