Internet Issues/Diagnostic not working...

By big_eric
Mar 24, 2008
  1. I have a computer attached to my 2-Wire 2700HG-E modem by an ethernet cable which connects into the local area port on its Nvidia Motherboard. My first question is if this setup would slow my internet speed down at all, would I be better off getting an ethernet card installed and connect the ethernet cable into that?

    My next issue is that when I am using this computer the internet explorer will browse through links fine and then at random times it will tell me that this page was not found, when i try to refresh it tells me the same thing. I then click on the diagnostic link, it runs the diagnostic, then i get this message:

    Windows has detected a problem with the Winsock provider catalog on this computer. This catalog allows programs to communicate with this computer across the network. Would you like Windows to reset the catalog to the default configuration?

    I click yes and it restarts my computer and sometimes it will fix it but other times it will not and i try running it again but the same window will pop up and I am unable to use the internet... I have attached the Diagnostic Log as well as some screen shots of the message and the log.
  2. jobeard

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    The WinSock stack (LSP) has errors and you did not approve the reset
    info The user didn't approve the proposed automated repair attempt: Reset WinSock catalog​

    >>I click yes and it restarts my computer and sometimes it will fix it but other times it will not

    bummer. I would suggest you update the firmware, but that device has not been user friendly in this regard

    not likely; the modem itself is the likely culprit. I would update the driver for the on-board adapter
  3. big_eric

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    I just took the log from the last diagnostic this was the third attempt at the diagnostic trying to fix it and the two before this did the same thing....

    -how do i exactly update the firmware...

    -what would you suggest for a modem

    -how do i update the driver on the on-board adapter....
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,158   +986

    which shows there's an issue with the software to be determined ...
    may or may not be possible; google for the device name + 'firmware'
    instructions should come with any download you find
    issue here is "What does your ISP Support?" Go to the ISP home page,
    find support, search or determine if you can provide your own modem --
    if so, there will be a list provided
    find the chip type and model ; go to the OEM site for your system and see if there is
    an update
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