Internet pages not loading correctly

Im at the stage of wanting to pull my hair out with this one!

I have a windows 10 surface pro that I have issues connecting to web pages and this has been going on for a week or 2 now, the problem seems to be with google/ youtube the most I have not noticed issues with other pages but it could effect other, with google if doing an image search some of the images load but not all and I cant scroll far before it seems like it has stopped loading. Youtube can be even worse the issue's can be anything from getting a blank main page, not all videos have the preview pics and some times when I do get to a video only the video loads none of the rest of the page does.

Things I have tried (I will try and list every thing)
Using another device- all other devices laptops mobiles etc work fine.
Tried other browsers - I mainly use chrome but have tested in IE,Firefox, avast secure browser and Edge Same issue in all of them.
Cleared cache and cookies and even deleted all internet history.
ran ipconfig /flushdns
Checked internet speed currently 32.34 Mbps.
Changed the dns settings on my router from "use isp's" to googles own dns
Ran Ccleaner, Avast anti virus and Malwarebytes no issues detected
The odd thing is if I tether to my phone I dont seem to get any issues.
reinstalled java-script
turned off hardware acceleration in chrome.

Im stumped for ideas now! Can any one help me out of this hole! please?
Oh to also add I have tried setting up a new profile in windows that didnt work either. I also cant see any programs running that shouldn't be see any obvious processes that should t be there.
Update - the wife has worked from home today and noticed issues on her work laptop when on our wifi so im starting to think this could be a router issue.


Power off all devices:
  1. the modem from the ISP
  2. the router
  3. your device {pc or mobile}
wait at least 30 seconds, then
  1. power on the modem
  2. wait 30 sec, then power on the router
  3. wait 30 sec, then power on the pc and or other devices
TEST the system:
  • get a command prompt window
  • type PING ; PING GOOGLE.COM then hit enter
both pings should return timings which are similar in times -- timeouts are errors

Launch your browser and
  • clear cache data
NOW try youtube or whatever