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Sep 15, 2008
  1. I have two computers, a desktop and a laptop both running XP. The laptop has sp3 while the desktop is sp2. I currently cant get online wwith the desktop because it has no wireless network adapter and I physically cant get it close enough to my router to use ethernet so i am trying to configure internet connection sharing on the laptop so i can share the connection. I followed all the instructions<------here but it still doesn't work.
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    You need to get a wireless router and set up a network between the two computers for File & Print Sharing. If you get a router and need help with setting up the network, try Network Magic:

    You can't share the connection without a router.
  3. Th3Gr4yAr3a

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    I have a wireless router, but my desktop has no wireless adapter, and I cant get it close enough for an ethernet cable. SO this means there is no way I could share the internet on my laptop through an ethernet cord to the desktop? If so, then what is the tutorial i mentioned for?
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    use a cross cable and add another lancard to your desktop and install proxy in your desktop
    and mention the proxy IP & port no it will work try it...
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    google for Dlink dwl-g810

    the device connects to a normal rj45 ethernet connection and allows a wifi connection
    to your router :)
  6. jobeard

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  7. Th3Gr4yAr3a

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    Yea if ICS isnt going to work im just getting a PCI wifi adapter anyways.
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