Internet slow after upgrade to SP3

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Sep 21, 2008
  1. Hi all,

    I have recently upgraded to SP3, but I've noticed a MAJOR slowdown in almost all internet traffic since that time.

    This happens at both my work and home networks, one wireless, one LAN, different ISP's.

    I can access pages like google fine (even if I clear the cache), but a whole bunch of other pages have a problem (CNN). Transfers to some servers (such as my work ones) also cause problems, so it can't be anything to do with the browsers, javascript or flash or anything like that.

    This has only happened since upgrading to SP3, and I have run spyware/virus checks. I also disabled my firewalls, so they shouldn't be causing any problems.

    Any ideas? I'm stumped.

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    Hi "Blue" :

    As implied by the info at the Link that Bill Allen provided, there could be multiple
    reasons as to the Source of your problem; definitely more specific Info is needed
    IF the info there does NOT refer to anything on your computer(s) .

    Contacting the trained, experienced, certified, "Microsoft Most Valuable
    Professional(s)" is the wisest Course of Action . On the Support Forums at, several of them interact with those requesting Help . In their
    "Windows XP & 2000 (Win 5.x)" forum there are many SP3 related "Topics"; IF
    none of those relate to your situation, you could Post a Request for Help,
    mentioning the "type" of Processor and the specific Name(s) of the Security
    program(s) on the affected computer(s), etc .
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    Er, it's an intel-based dell laptop, and there aren't any problems with reboots or slowdowns in terms of computer performance. It's all internet (or driver?) related.

    In all honesty, I can't figure out what other information would be needed. Surely the cpu wouldn't have caused the internet problems. I was thinking it was some sort of DNS issue, but the domain names seem to be resolving correctly, and since it doesn't work well on two different connections, it shouldn't be that.

    Sorry guys, but neither website seems to be related to internet issues at all.

    Any other ideas?
  5. Bluemouse

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    Hey, I tried it on a third network and same deal.

    That means it can't be:

    - The DNS Server
    - The ISP
    - The router/modem
    - Shouldn't be the network adapter, because I've tried both wireless and wired (is it a separate "card" on a laptop or would one malfunctioning cause the other to malfunction?)
    - Anything hardware related really since it just started happening after upgrading to SP3
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    I may be wrong and any one is welcome to dispute, but the internet is getting slower as many more people are getting on, and slowing down the servers that send the signals out. I do not think it has anything to do with SP3.

    just my 2cents worth.
  7. Bluemouse

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    yeah, that's true in a sense because ISP's refuse to upgrade their lines, but there would NOT be a noticeable difference (25 seconds to load CNN on a 8mbps line) in the space of a day after upgrading to SP3.
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