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By Julio Franco ยท 126 replies
Oct 6, 2009
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  1. Balthier

    Balthier TS Rookie

    Game I'd like to win: The Incredible Machine Mega Pack. This is just too awesome for a pack.

    Games I'd like to play again: Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2, Startopia, Lemmings, Baldur's Gate.
  2. JCServant

    JCServant TS Rookie

    Game I'd like to win: Gothic
    Game I love from Old Days: I would LOVE to see a D&D Gold Box collection on GoG. Those games were fun! Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale were also really fun! Mechwarrior series also works!!
  3. Nirkon

    Nirkon TS Enthusiast Posts: 202

    I'd like to win: The Longest Journey
    Played the second but never got a chance to play the first!

    Old game I loved: Septerra Core: Legacy of the creator (actually playing it again now! hehe)
  4. Elohim83

    Elohim83 TS Rookie

    What I'd like to win is Gothic 2 Gold Edition

    Game that I'd love to play again and again has to be settlers 1 and 2
  5. dashnc

    dashnc TS Rookie

    Game I'd like to win: Commandos - fresh and new @ If I won't win it, I buy it! :p
    Games I'd like to play again: Outcast, The Last Dynasty, Mad TV, Master Of Orion 2
  6. Arkhanor

    Arkhanor TS Rookie

    Game I'd like to win: Postal - Classic and Uncut or Redneck Rampage Collection
    Games I'd like to play again: Interstate '76 Arsenal
  7. I'd like to win Commandos! And I have played and would like to play again The Longest Journey! What a fantastic game!

    Sincerely, user Quack.
  8. JamesGecko

    JamesGecko TS Rookie

    Game I'd like to win: Fallout 2. The Fallout series is supposed to be pretty in-depth with a meaningful character stat system, an open world good plotlines.

    Game I loved way back when: Jetpack. The shareware version was pretty close to the full game, and I played a lot of it. I think one of the only limitations was that you could only make 3 levels in the level editor, but I got around it by renaming old levels I made. I felt like such a hacker, subverting the shareware restrictions. The game has been released as freeware now.
    Liero and Worms were also a lot of fun.
  9. GFXmonkey

    GFXmonkey TS Rookie

    Fav GoG

    Well Cannon Fodder was one of my fav games from the mid 90's. I'd love to see GoG convert some other RTS games, like Dune and Dune II.
  10. KG363

    KG363 TS Guru Posts: 515   +9

    Far Cry please! or Unreal Tournament goty, But far cry mostly :)
  11. deoren

    deoren TS Rookie

    Game I would like to win: Duke Nukem 3D

    Game I would like to play again: Doom 2, Myst, Doom 1, Syndicate, and many more!
  12. ceejay949

    ceejay949 TS Rookie Posts: 17

    I really love Starcraft.
  13. mrhulk

    mrhulk TS Rookie

    What I'd like to win: Freespace 2

    Games I used to play (and loved): The fallout series.
  14. cyriene

    cyriene TS Rookie Posts: 31

    Game I would like to win: The Incredible Machine Mega Pack
    Game I would like to play again: Duke Nukem 3D
  15. sylphaen

    sylphaen TS Rookie

    Game I'd like to win: Freespace 2

    Games I would replay:
    In addition to many great games already cited, I would add the following :
    - Total Annihilation
    - Starlancer (Microsoft)
    - Planescape:torment (Bioware)
    - Dungeon Keeper 1&2 (Bullfrog)
    - Destruction Derby (Psygnosis)
    - Wipeout/Wipeout XL (Psygnosis)
    - System Shock

    The license on those games might be too costly but Total Annihilation could definitely be a good option ! And for an even older and less known game: Ascendency (The Logic Factory). I might even still have it lying around but no compatibility...

    GOG is like a great wish shared by many finally satisfied! I really see a lot of value added in making old games compatible with current windows versions.

    Great catalog (which can only get better!) and decent prices. I'm glad to have learned about the service.
  16. klepto12

    klepto12 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,115   +9

    ohh septerra core i loved that game i dont think many people played it :)
  17. neLLn

    neLLn TS Rookie

    Game I would like to WIN: Fallout 1
    Game I would like to PLAY AGAIN: Gender Wars
  18. onlytrung

    onlytrung TS Rookie

    Game I would like to win: Empire Earth Gold Edition
    Game I would like to play again: Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator, Commandos Ammo Pack

    Thank you GOG for giving us the chance!
  19. onlytrung

    onlytrung TS Rookie

    It's a memorable game to me. I played it to the ending part, and my computer was infected by viruses. I had to reinstall the whole system (I'm not good at computer 9 years ago), and lost the game in process. The game CD was lost somewhere and i din't have a chance to finish it!
  20. MrTikki

    MrTikki TS Rookie

    Game I would like to win: Beyond Good & Evil
    Game I would like to play again: MechWarrior 2
  21. MrTikki

    MrTikki TS Rookie

    Here are some good ol' games that I remember spending a lot of time playing when I was younger:

    MechWarrior 2 - I spent hours playing this game. Would play it right now if it worked on XP....
    MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries - Equally fun as Mech2, and offered more than GB's Legacy did.
    Zork: Nemesis - One of the darkest in the series, but by far the most interesting.
    Zork: Grand Inquisitor - Funny and clever gameplay.
    Bioforge - Not many remember this one, but it was WAY ahead of its time.
    Baldur's Gate (Trilogy) - The most enjoyable D&D games ever made!
    Icewind Dale (Series) - Equally good D&D games!
    Myst - Love it or hate it; this game takes me back in a "good" way. :)
    Total Annihilation - The most enjoyable RTS ever created. Awesome music too!
    DOOM - You can't list the classics and not put this one up here....
    Homeworld (Series) - The most impressive 3D RTS I've ever played. Wish they'd make more.
    Caesar 3 - Best old-world city-building game ever because it was challenging and yet still fun!
    Diablo (1&2) - Both classics. I hope #3 doesn't disappoint....
    Age of Empires 2 - Balanced, fun, and addictive!
    System Shock 2 - Creepy and full of awesomeness. Gotta love SHODAN. :)
  22. taczbr

    taczbr TS Rookie

    Game I'd like to win: The Incredible Machine Mega Pack.

    Games I'd like to play again: Shadow Warrior, Blood, X-COM collection, Alpha Centauri, Syndicate, Thief, System Shock, and the list goes on and on...
  23. levar

    levar TS Rookie Posts: 229

    hm... game I'd like to receive for free soo tempting but, I've made my choice: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
    red alert 3 is the game that rocked my world from the old days, don't know if red alert 3 would be a classic though, maybe C&C that game was great I could play that game all day!
  24. Justinmargot

    Justinmargot TS Rookie

    Game I like to win is Farcry. A game i loved in the old day lanning
  25. Evilnox

    Evilnox TS Rookie

    Game I'd like to win: The Longest Journey.
    And the old game I loved: Dungeon Keeper.

    GOG is the best DD service for old games ever!

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