iOS 7: The biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone

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Jun 10, 2013
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  1. captainawesome

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    Actually for me, iOS7 appears to look a lot more like KDE than Windows. Even the transparency is around the same amount as standard KDE. The bluish colour scheme is very KDE inspired from what I can tell
  2. MannerMauler

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    I like it :)

    NTAPRO TS Evangelist Posts: 809   +102

    People wanted something different, and this was what they got. No point in looking back now lol
  4. This pisses me off because I actually want apple to innovate not just steal from android and when this update does come out it won't let customers with the iphone 4 and earlier versions have access to the "upgraded siri" because of the flippin microphone
  5. Don't know why you have to change when you have something good going. This "flat" look is stupid. It looks like a cheap android phone. I have an Ipad and an Android tablet and the Ipad just provides a much more enjoyable experience because of its polished look. Now you're gonna take that away? Apple is apple because it is different and "hip." Why become a follower when you've led for so long. I don't think Jobs would approve if he was still alive.

  6. If you pay $25 a year for iTunes Match you'll get an ad-free iTunes Radio. Cheaper than $5-10/month Spotify.

    JC713 said: Oh it is per year? Wow, I may look into that. But with Spotify, it isnt just Radio, it is basically a iTunes library in the cloud.

    Thats what "iTunes Match" is (plus lot more)
  7. People have come to expect too much from "innovation"... look to Androids example... was big new stuff each release... and now, S3 -> S4 is only minor differences. Why do people expect more from an iphone who is actually OLDER then Android. Only so much can be done and it has reached its "slow zone"until some new major tech comes out. Android Fan-boys HAVE GOT to quit crying and whining all the time, geez

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