IPAQ 3850 ROM Version Problem

By kingair_six
Apr 3, 2008
  1. okey, so this sucks: I bought a used iPAQ 3850 on eBay, description fine, price even better. When I got it, however, the screen was not lighting up, even though it was displaying just fine and I noticed the wrong ROM version (4.00 for WM2003 instead of 3.00 for the 3850).

    I tried a rollback with a rom update utility from compaq, which I used on previous 3850s and it worked just fine, however, due to the fact that 4.00 is the wrong ROM v. for this machine, the utility won't permit me to reset it. It also seems there is no hard way to do this. Every attempt has failed. Now my suspicion is, that the backlight problem is related to the ROM v. ?? Any confirmation or idea to this thought?

    If anybody ever had this problem and/or has a slight idea for a solution, I'd be happy to try it, THANKS!
  2. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    kingair_six,AFAIK these pda's comes with some type inverter, i mean that the screen has lamp which "eats" 24v voltage... sorry i don't remember exactly if this model has transreflective screen, if so, then my suggestion was mistake. anyway the backlight is independable from rom version. if bootloader works fine, then you'll see the welcome screen with compaq logo :)
  3. kingair_six

    kingair_six TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well, the problem is first of all, besides the screen, that the wrong ROM v. comes up with problems, like an alert about bluetooth, which is obviously not working since there is non installed in the 3850. so my question is how to roll it back? it cant be done with any of the upgrade utilities, since they say they can't do it since the currently installed version is faulty, so, there we go, I NEED to get it rolled back!
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