iPhone/iPad location services, battery drain & privacy


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First, get control of your Notifications. I propose that very few of us
need to see them immediately when they are sent. Using a FETCH rather than PUSH control, will greatly improve your battery life. To implement PUSH and the immediate notification, the smart devices is constantly look for data from some service(s) and that costs your battery. If you await until you access the App, then the Fetch option will operate when YOU are looking for data and not in between time.

Yes, Mac mobile devices has gobs of location services implemented:

Under Settings->Privacy we see Location Services->

App Store
Find Friends
Find iPhone
Safari Websites
Siri & Dictation

system services (with a raft of options)

Plus many of your personal downloaded Apps​

Question: do you really need Location on all of those? All the time or just when you're using the App? Are you aware that location services drain your battery -- badly! Of course, giving away your location also makes you venerable to all kinds of problems.

The settings for Location Services are: {always, never, when in use}

For myself, I default to never on most and when in use for things I really use, like Maps, Google, messages
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