Ipod bricked?

By InsaneVr6
Oct 4, 2008
  1. Heres the story. I have a 4th generation ipod (some people confuse this with the earlier models that multiple buttons above the wheel). My ipod model is pictured here so there is no confusion.


    My problem is that i plugged it into my computer and Itunes opened up automatically as usualy. Then it asked me if i wanted to update my ipod, so naturally i hit Yes. Everything worked fine until something came up on the screen telling me to plug my ipod into an AC plug to finished the update. uhh. This is strange to me because i had a frst-gen nano and never had to do that. Anyway, i dont have the original AC adapter that came with it but i have a Griffin AC power supply (pictured here) Ihttp://img.thefind.com/images/UwDrntsiNY1hGsMhSRaG1JzU5JKi_LzM5GKGjJKSAit9_fLycr38tLTM5NSU1IL8Er3k_Fz9gszkktKi1GL9YG99Xxd9U3MjczOz-OLs-NwUvayCdAYA?m=1&g=2.

    Thinking i was in the clear, i plugged the ipod in with my Griffin AC adapter and..............nothing happened. I tried restarting the ipod holding the center and menu buttons at the same time, it restarts but the same screen comes up waiting for me to plug it into the wall. I tried letting the ipod run out of battery power and try again but that held the same result.

    That is a 20GB ipod and i would rather not just stick with my 1GB nano. The ipod doest even 'turn on' to the apple menu or even the backlight never comes on. I is not even recognized in my computer anymore so i cannot wipe it to try and fix it. Any help is appreciated and i would rather not buy a firewire cable which i heard works when the AC cable is supposed to do the job. Thanks in advance to any help.....btw i finally got rid of the 'newcomer in training' thing and am now a member..WOOHOO haha.
  2. InsaneVr6

    InsaneVr6 TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 221

    noone knows anything...guess its all up to apple now...i shoulda got the DELL DJ
  3. SNGX1275

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    If you have a 4th gen iPod it should have came with the firewire cable. Look through your old box if you still have it.

    What happens if you open up iTunes, and then connect the iPod, does it show up then? If so you can fix it there by selecting the iPod and selecting Restore. But I imagine it won't show up in iTunes.
  4. InsaneVr6

    InsaneVr6 TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 221

    Nah like i said my computer doesnt even see it. The restore command was my first thought but it didnt show up. And i dont have any of the cables that came with it, only the USB connector for the computer
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