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Mar 14, 2011
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  1. is it possible to record voice or video directly onto a CD or DVD as if it were tape?

    What I have in mind is to try and record a very very long book onto a number of CDs or DVDs; I find that the Windows thing that allows you to record videos doesn't allow you to record anything more than a very few seconds long, similarly voice.

    Because I am getting very old I would like to record a video for my sons that they can play after I'm dead so that I can tell them how much I love them.

    I've got two USB 1 TB drives both of which have plenty of space left on them, I wondered if I could record what I want to record directly onto them or one of them.

    It must be obvious to you chaps who are all experts in computers that I'm a complete duffer when it comes to computery things.I really am very grateful for all the help that you have given me over the last year or so, and the patience and kindness you have shown to me.
  2. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    Hello vhawk,
    If I am understanding your question, yes it is. You can make use of a audio editor (plenty of free ones around (such as this one):
    to record ,make changes, and compress. record to your HDD, and then burn them to CD.

    Thats very touching by the way :)

    Hope that helps. :)
  3. captaincranky

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    The video is a different issue. For that you might be better off with commercial software such as "Adobe Premier Elements". I'm uncertain of which type of capture is supported with this software nowadays, as I only have version 3, (they're on 9 now). Hopefully, you'll be able to use a video camera that saves to an SD (Secure Digital) card, then pull it into the computer with a card reader, and edit from there.
  4. Lokalaskurar

    Lokalaskurar TS Enthusiast Posts: 544

    You can definitely record straight to your external HDD's, no problem at all.

    If you want to record more than just those few Windows-seconds, then you should get acquainted with an audio-recorder like Audacity or WaveLab. Those are easy to use, and will record for as long as you like.
  5. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    I missed the Video part of that completely. I will throw this in as I just purchased this last night. It has a converter as part of the program and I used HD video from/to a micro SD card, as Cap mentioned, right off the camera and the HDD in .AVI and was able to convert it to any format under the sun. The software seems very good, flexible,featured, and a speedy learning curve. It was also only $40.00 for a year subscription (updates)
    it can be purchased here.
  6. vhawk

    vhawk TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 177

    thank you very much indeed, very kind of you to take an interest in my problem, I wonder why the Windows movie maker thing which will record off my web cam only records for such as short space of time; is there any way of making i record for say half an hour?– forcing it to?

    as far as I know everything made by Adobe is rather expensive and I'm a bit short of money at the minute.

    . I have a video camera on my mobile telephone – a blackberry but have no idea how long it would record for. I do not have and cannot afford a proper video camera. All I have is a web cam which I use to speak to my beloved lady in America every day. Actually I'd quite like to record summary for her also. However, in light of my shortage of funds it looks like I will never be able to record anything for posterity. But since I have Dragon Naturally Speaking which I'm using to type this I can write something out for my boys, otherwise, having only one hand or arm, typing is really beyond me without this dragon thing which makes my life very much easier.

    lest I appear too sentimental, I'm not planning on shuffling off this mortal coil just yet, but it would be pleasant to be able to record something, perhaps about half an hour, for my boys.
  7. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

  8. vhawk

    vhawk TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 177

    thank you very much, I'll see if they sell those in England, from what I've seen of video cameras they are beyond my pocket, I was hoping to be able to record something sitting down in my armchair rather than have have somebody else point the camera at me, hence the idea of trying to force Windows movie maker to record something off my web cam that I could put onto a CD or DVD.but it looks like that's not a practical proposition. Never mind,it would be infinitely better for me to focus on being a loving father while I'm alive than mucking about with videos for when I've gone,like a sentimental old fool :) .perhaps I'm better off trying to understand how to use that auditor thing that the other chap suggested.
  9. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    red1776 said:
    The other chap was me :), here is the link again;
  10. vhawk

    vhawk TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 177

    thank you very much, is it easy-to-use and easy to record, what changes would I make?

    Stupid of me, I guess the trick is to try it and see, but I have no idea how to burn anything to a CD, I have never done it. When it records something,two where does it record it? It must be obvious to you that I'm a complete dance about these things.things that seem obvious and simple to you are opaque and complicated to me.I'm amazed that I can make this dragon thing work. But I'm jolly glad that it does. The silly thing is that I can change a clutch on a car or could when I had two arms,but I get completely baffled when it comes to anything to do with computers.

    It must be a kind of idleness of mind.
  11. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    The recording software will either prompt you to enter a filename that the video and audio will be recorded to. Most operating systems now support burning(writing data onto CD/DVD) without any extra software (assuming the computer you are using has a CD/DVD writer drive). Although if you wanted to write the video to a DVD to playback in a stand alone DVD player you may have to acquire other software to help you do that. With the Windows Operating system CD/DVD writing support you should at least be able to write the recorded movie file to the CD/DVD which could then be played back on computer. Usually if you put a blank CD/DVD disk into the computer you are prompted for the type of action to perform
    This then opens the corresponding drive from "My Computer" then you can simply drag and drop files onto the CD/DVD window.

    Just had a play around with my "Logitech WebCam 500" at work and Movie maker in Windows XP. I managed to recorded over 1 min of video and audio without any issue. It did seem to split the 1 minute recording it up into 3 sections which I had to drag and drop onto the storyboard at the bottom of the Movie maker window. The only thing that was going to restrict the length of recording was the available hard disk space. By default the software was recording to "My Videos" folder in "My Documents" and reported the machine had around 100GB of space left. If you try recording with Movie maker again with your 1 TB USB hard disk connected and when it asks for a filename, enter a filename and then use the "browse" button and select a location on the 1 TB USB disk.
  12. vhawk

    vhawk TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 177

    thank you very much indeed, that's extremely helpful, will it record video then? Not to worry if it won't, just audio would be fine for me. I'll give it a try when I'm feeling adventurous although five gives you 10 I'll come crawling back with another question when I do :) with me, if it can get me in a muddle, it will.
  13. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    Webcam + hard disk with space = video + audio recorded without problem. Hope it works for you on your PC. If not just post back and we'll try and help :)
  14. vhawk

    vhawk TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 177

    thanks, what's that program called again? i seem to have lost the link
  15. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

  16. vhawk

    vhawk TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 177

    thank you, the only problem with Windows movie maker is that it won't let me record anything more than about a minute long,if that. it would be good if there was some way to force it to record for up to half an hour.
  17. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    As I said previously, when you choose to record pick a location to save on the external 1 TB drive to make sure there is no restriction on recording size due to lack of disk space. That was what I was trying to get you to check :)

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