Is it XP or my cpu?

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Jul 18, 2009
  1. hello, 2days ago i start my computer up and "cpu 1 failed' message came up on the screen from core duo (msi mb) . i then looked at device mgr, my cpu driver had changed to acpi multiprocessor pc instead of dual 5000. i tried roll back driver and reinstalling drivers but it did not change. i reinstalled win xp & tried to reinstall the correct drivers but to no avail. my system is: 5000X2 be ,msi kn9 sli v.2 , 2.0 gb gskill ddr2 ,misc psu, ati 4850 . any ideas will be welcome. ps, iv'e been using this system for over a year.
  2. captaincranky

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    Boot into BIOS and see what it says your CPU is.

    You're a little unclear as to whether you can still boot into Windows. If you can, summon Task Manager, (Ctrl>Alt>Delete) click on the "performance" tab and see if you still have a graph on both cores. I'm not sure what "driver" is actually associated with the CPU. I know Intel has a "Chipset identification Utility" that wreaks havoc when it's not installed. But, you have an AMD system. "ACPI" relates to power management, so there's a (slim) chance this is PSU related.
  3. mlmassie

    mlmassie TS Member Topic Starter

    thanks for responding, it reads as dual core 5000
  4. captaincranky

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    Here's an XP update that addresses itself to Multi core CPUs with ACPI enabled computers.

    Did you check the task Manager? You can run a high CPU usage program such as "Spybot SD16" to determine if both cores are in operation.
  5. Rick

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    That pretty much says it all. It's a hardware problem if your BIOS reports CPU 1 FAILED. What I find interesting is that your board is a single CPU setup, but the "first" CPU is always referred to as CPU 0. "CPU 1" is actually a second CPU. I'm wondering if one of your CPU cores went bad. It could also be a power issue.. Perhaps your board.. Failing electronics components like capacitors can cause some crazy issues.

    It says that under Device Manager > Processors? ACPI Multiprocessor PC would make sense if you looked under Device Manager > Computer.

    You have Windows SP3, so the update *shouldn't* be necessary. I'm pretty convinced this is a hardware problem, but I certainly encourage investigating all avenues of solutions. :)
  6. mlmassie

    mlmassie TS Member Topic Starter

    i ran spybot 16 , both cores worked according to task mgr. did the performance update ,still nothing. checked the capacitors andi did'nt see anything there
  7. Rick

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    Do you still see the error message when you boot your computer, or was it just a one-time thing?

    Another way you might be able to see that message is if your CPU were incorrectly configured in the BIOS. I'm just grabbing at straws, but perhaps the CMOS was reset because your coin cell battery is weak. Is the date & time on your computer correct?

    That might be something else to look at, but I'm out of decent ideas... as you can tell. :)
  8. mlmassie

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    the dual core error message came from the msi program dualcore utility that was installed. the error msg. came up during its startup. i restarted the system 3 times and all 3 times it came up so i deleted it. then i checked the device mgr. that's when i found the driver had changed . by the way the system boots just fine after the deletion and the reinstallation of windows. in my bios on startup and and even in the general tab shows the correct cpu 5000x2. i'm wondering why windows won't let me install the correct driver. I'm thinking its the cpu but its showing 2 cores processing in device mgr. when running spybotsd16. the date and time never changed, they are correct.
  9. captaincranky

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    I am a babe in the woods with respect to AMD CPU systems, so don't laugh at me when I ask, what "driver" do you think you have to install to make a CPU work?

    I mean, with an Intel CPU, you just plug it the f*** it, and that's it. The only "driver" would be an actual BIOS update, to render the motherboard compatible with the CPU. And that's not considered a "driver" per se.

    Mobo manufacturers monitoring/overclocking software can be problematic anyway, and that's what's generating the error message. If, before you got the silly message you could burn a DVD in 10 minutes, and now it takes a half hour, then you have a problem, and as Rick pointed likely a hardware problem. (I just picked DVD burning as a task arbitrarily). If task manager tells you that both cores are "lit", then they are.

    The only other possibility is an intermittent hardware issue, and the best thing to do there is wait until it breaks altogether.

    Why not try, un-and reinstalling the MSI nonsense, see if that helps.
  10. mlmassie

    mlmassie TS Member Topic Starter

    first of all , thanks to everyone who replied. i'm sorry i was unable to get back sooner. the problem is solved. the msi utlity was inaccurate ,everything is showing up where it should be.
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