Is my video card screwed?

  1. So I run dual 980's, I take one out to let my brother try it (he replaced his 970) powered up the computer then said he smells burning so turns off the computer. Now whenever I try to use the card it says " please power down and connect the pcie power cable for this graphics card".

    It's screwed isn't it?

    Edit: When I put the card back in my computer I used the same cables that were working for the last year, so the cables aren't the issue.

    Also, when he powered up the card and it smoked he only put the six pin cable in and not the eight pin. could that have caused it?

    Edit: My brother just put his 970 back in his computer and now the computer gives the same message on booting "please power down and connect the pcie power cable for this graphics card". What the heck? That card isn't damaged :(

    He's gonna try putting the card in the PCIE slot below the top one, it just requires him to transfer everything to a bigger case (which fortunately he happens to have on hand).
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    Burning small - examine everything under strong light for brown/black spots (wiring, PCBs, etc). Was his PSU rated for the total load?

    Overload may have damaged his PSU and/or motherboard and your card - all together.

    Download manuals for key components (GPU, PSU, motherboard)

    Focus on one machine at a time. Prepare a diagnostic (troubleshooting tree) to make sure you catch all important steps.

    Follow in manuals to confirm all connections correct.

    Remove any external peripherals, the working video card(s).

    Keep notes, report discoveries. Keep record of what tests 'good'.

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