Is there a way to download an embedded video from a webpage?

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Jun 22, 2011
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  1. Is there a way to download an embedded video from a webpage even if it doesn't have a download link? At least is there a screen recorder that captures the audio?
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    Yes well, depends but it should be.

    Basiclly what I find useful is to right click near you video and select the option "View Page Source" (in Firefox) or "View Source" (in IE). This will open up a new window with sites code. What you want to do is look for any video extersion such as (.flv, .wmv, .mp4) and so forth and once you find them just copy the whole link with the extersion and paste it to your search box in your browser and select save/open.

    This should work most of the times. Here is an example.

    I want to download a featured video from SWTOR gaming website. I go on the page where the video is located ( and right click and select "View Page Source".

    I look for any video link and I find a .flv format URL. I copy that URL (see below) and paste it to my browser and hit save.

    The URL:

    Its quite easy, there might be other ways with browser plugins but imho this is the easiet, at least for me.
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    If you use Firefox you can use Video DownloadHelper. I've used it in the rare cases where I've wanted to save a video and it seems to work very well. It will also convert it to a different format (although I think that is fairly limited) once you download it.

    There are lots of others that can download them too, but I've used this one and liked it. Plus it doesn't expect a donation.
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    You can use download manager to download video. if any webpage have embedded video you can find link of source page and try to download from original page where video posted.
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