Is this good for a server base?

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Hi new here

I have 4gb of dual channel 1024mhz OCZ ram
Asrock am2+ motherboard with E8400 Intel core duo processor (3.00gb)
wireless network card (54mbps)
Geforce 260 Nvidia card (not running sli atm)
Net connection is wireless virgin media 20mb BBand
OS is XPhome sp3....

I want to make this system a dedicated server to run 3 other pc's in house as well as a friends pc too...we play online gaming as a team already (not a huge amonut of ppl just close friends)

can u help? im a newbie but wanna learn



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Windows Server 2003 Standard
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise (would use multi-core)
Windows Server 2008 Standard
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (would use multi-core)
There is also WHS (Windows Home Server based on Windows Server 2008 Standard) There is a free download for beta. Should be able to find that on TechSpot. That is more for the home usage, managing music, videos, pictures, backup an etc. The real server is more for small business to large enterprise scale. I rather use Enterprise since is can use the multi-core and it's quick. Of course you can manage everything but takes more to learn how to do it. Might be better for you, but unless you're studying to be a Network Engineer?

Of course you could go the Linux way..
at the moment im using XP home edition sp3....

Im unsure about linux...that is a new OS to me altogether :) but I will try what i need too

so u think the spec of pc is ok?

all i need is a suitable OS?

thx for info :)


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What game is it?
So you plan on making a personal dedicated server, then play on it with your friends?
Can't you just host games on any of the computers?

Preferably you would have a quick hdd array, but thats not necessary.


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Don't need a server to run a multi-player game. Any PC can act as a server. Just install the game on a PC that will be the host and then on the clients PCs (your buddies) also have the same game. Then connect to the host from their PC by the computer name or IP address of the host. Not really that hard to do.


good :) issue is "What is a server and how or what services does it provide?"

Most home users say server and imply a file server: a place to store stuff for common access by other systems.

With that intent, you have the choice of using a NAS (Network Accessible Storage) device and have all users just 'map that drive'.

Other 'servers' are FTP and web (HTTP) servers as well as the well know Exchange Server.

The most interesting server (imo) is a Program Server: installing programs on a commonly accessed drive so that this program does not have to be installed on every system on the lan.
MS and the registry does not make that option easy ti implement, however :sigh:
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